Interactive 3D Projection Mapping Company Chicago Projection Mapping Announces New Project

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3D Projection Mapping Is Now Being Used in Residential and Public Spaces

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Chicago Projection Mapping Interactive Water Display Concept

It might sound like science fiction...But it’s a lot closer than you might think.

Chicago Projection Mapping is now at the initial stages of a project for a hospital and medical facility that will be using 3D projection technology for medical and therapy purposes.Chicago area 3D, 4D, and interactive video projection mapping company Chicago Projection Mapping is seeing an increase in popularity of a certain type of video projection media that might change the way we look at this 3D technology. What’s particularly interesting is that the type of mapping that’s become popular—the permanent installation—isn’t relatively novel. Rather, projection mapping installations are simply being used in a much more effective way. There was a time when these installations were used as little more than high-tech art. And that’s what they’re still used for a great deal of the time.

However, new technology and novel implementation has allowed video projection mapping installations to become more interactive, immersive, and more useful—in other words, these projection mapped installations are becoming architectural and marketing features in addition to being artistic ones. This is partly because many such installations now feature interactive technology. Imagine a hospital floor that directs nurses to the correct room or, perhaps more mundanely, an apartment lobby that shows guests to the right door.

“It might sound like science fiction,” said Mark Smith, founder and CEO of Chicago Projection Mapping. “But it’s a lot closer than you might think. Right now we’re at the initial stages of a project for a hospital and medical facility that plan on using 3D projection technology for medical and therapy purposes.” Smith said that such installations are now being seen as a good investment by many businesses and non-profits, not only because of the utility of such projects, but also because of the esteem, prestige, and popularity.

And it turns out that hospitals, shopping malls, and apartment lobbies might not be the only place where these installations are becoming more popular. Indeed, it also turns out that the artistic value of installations is being noticed by high-end residential consumers. Projection mapping in a residential environment not only lets the resident make quite the statement—by projecting a custom piece of art and all the esteem and prestige that goes along with it—but also by being on the cutting edge of a new technology. The residential 3D projection is an enormous conversation piece and Chicago Projection Mapping has noticed a definite uptick in this type of use.

Which, in the end, might help prove the versatility of projection mapping installations. It’s true that such installations remain stationary—but the content can be changed with ease, increasing the ways in which this great new technology can be used. After all, projection mapping is the future of media in public spaces. By getting in on the future early, you can help a business make a bold statement or suddenly transform an apartment lobby into a high-end, luxurious space. That projection mapping isn’t just eye candy—that it can also have a utility to it—makes it a vital investment for companies looking towards the future.

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About Chicago Projection Mapping: Based in Chicago, IL, Chicago Projection Mapping is a full service content creation and 3D projection mapping company, serving the corporate, event, meeting, and convention sectors. For more information, please visit, or call 630-620-0000.

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