Farage Leads Pigeon Poop App Opinion Poll Results As Thousands Of Voters Let The Poop Fly At Politicians

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Pigeon Poop® (http://www.pigeonpoop.com) the just-for-fun satirical app that allows the public to vent their feelings, by ‘letting fly’ at the politicians standing in the General Election, has released its first ‘results bulletin’.

Nigel Farage Game 1

Pigeon Poop In Action

This is most definitely ‘Britain's Unpopularity Poll’ highlighting, in a just-for-fun way, who are the least favourite politicians in the eyes of an amused game-playing public.

Nigel Farage is currently leading “Britain’s Unpopularity Poll” as thousands let the POOP fly at politicians. David Cameron is second with Ed Miliband joint third alongside Nicola Sturgeon.

Measuring the quantities of POOP aimed at politicians, the light-hearted game is the first ‘psephological’ tool to measure which politicians are most unpopular. P.O.O.P in this case, of course, refers to ‘People's Opinion Of Politicians’! The live game data can swing between the politicians as public tastes vary. So whilst currently Nigel Farage leads the poll, the game’s creators Pigeon Poop Ltd., are quick to point out that both Cameron and Miliband have also headed the figures in recent days.

Available for Android, Apple and online users, thousands of voters have been ‘letting fly’ at many of the UK’s leading political figures. The polling results which are published on sister site: http://www.thenationalopinionpoop.com/ summarise the activity of the many thousands of games played to date, which of course is a huge polling sample.    As at 12.00 p.m. 20.4.15 the just-for-fun results were as follows:

Nigel Farage         20%
David Cameron     19%
Ed Miliband            12%
Nicola Sturgeon    12%
Nick Clegg              9%

Says Nigel Hall Founder & CEO of Pigeon Poop Ltd., “This is most definitely ‘Britain's Unpopularity Poll’ highlighting, in a just-for-fun way, who are the least favourite politicians in the eyes of an amused game-playing public. To keep up to date with the fun, we are going to run regular bulletins of who is doing best, or rather worst right up until election night itself.

Currently Nigel Farage leads but prior to this we have seen both Cameron and Miliband head the figures. The chances are though that as the election draws closer one of the politicians will break away as the greatest recipient of the public’s POOP.

“We believe that to date, the figures have been swinging between camps as many voters see politicians as birds of a feather in that they lack a connection with the public. Well, these results show how thousands have been making a real connection with them! In short, the results from Pigeon Poop General Election 2015 reveal the out-pouring of many thousands of games as voters turn politics into enormous, light-hearted fun. How better to tackle politic exclusion and woo or even coo the public back to politics?

“We have listened to the Great British voters and in keeping with the best traditions of British satire have created an amusing game to turn their frustrations into a light hearted and yet highly representative opinion poll. This is proving to be an incredibly satisfying and humorous way of letting voters express their innermost feelings. Indeed my message to those voters who are joining in the fun is simple: kick up a stink and tell 'um what you really think!”

Voters can poop on the politicians, in fun, as many times as they like and with 12 playable levels, 4 game types and 3 levels of difficulty, there’s plenty to keep voters pooping right the way through to the election date. Players don't actually need to be a registered voter or even over 18 – the fun is open to all and completely free to use.

To play the game, and thereby enter the poll, App users start by choosing which Pigeon they want to be and what colour they would want to represent themselves with. They then choose what colour POOP they want to dispense and select the politician or party they want to POOP on. Finally, they just need to select the game they want to play and off they fly!

Watch out for future Pigeon Poop bulletins, as the election draws closer:

About PigeonPoop Ltd. (http://www.pigeonpoop.com/)

Twitter: @pigeonpoops

New British games developer Pigeon Poop Ltd. is the brainchild of Nigel Hall. Far from bird-brained though, Hall has spent many years working in senior IT roles. However as a voter, the idea of Pigeon Poop Ltd. was no simple flight of scatological fancy. It was his own frustration and personal sense of political exclusion that led him to drive the development of the game and to launch it at the General Election. In his view the new game pays homage to the great British satirists of the past who held unpopular politicians to account. In this respect Hall hopes the ‘just-for-fun’ game will encourage other satirical ventures to take off and do the same.

The game will continue developing with Pigeon Poop Ltd., adding new politicians and new games/levels between now and the General Election. Following the election, PigeonPoop is looking for other amusing poll areas where the same concept might apply. So for example in sport POOP could stand for People’s Opinions Of Players.

For further information please contact either:

Nigel Hall
T: 07514 961143
Email: nigel(at)pigeonpoop(dot)com


Sue PR
T: 07932872730
Email: suegismith(at)gmail(dot)com

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