NiC 50: 2015 Ranking of the Most Powerful Americans 50+

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From George Clooney and Bill O’Reilly to Elizabeth Warren and Jeff Bezos, NowItCounts | NiC Magazine reveals 2015’s definitive ranking of the most powerful Americans 50+

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What do Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, Whoopi Goldberg, Bobby Flay, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tom Ford and Ted Turner have in common? They are all on NowItCounts | NiC Magazine’s 2015 ranking of the 50 Most Powerful Americans 50+. In a 16-page spread and cover story, Richard Pérez-Feria, the award-winning Editor in Chief of more than 50 magazines and 25 websites, along with his dedicated team, chose the 50 over 50 based on the power they wield through the unique lens of its audience.

To come up with the list, candidates had to be American, at least 50 years old and fall under NiC Magazine’s definition of power: Influence. If your presence, your words, your endorsement of anything moved the needle considerably in perception or tangible action — social media, legislation, business practices, innovation — you have power and deemed worthy of the list.

Ranging from politicians, professional athletes, actors/actresses, television stars, high-profile chefs, authors and more, NiC’s Most Powerful Americans 50+ is ranked in order from 1 to 50.

The full list will be available online (at on April 21) and in the May/June issue of NiC Magazine and will also celebrate’s magazine’s one year anniversary.

1.    Bill Gates: The single most powerful/important man on this list came to it in a classic story arch—from technology titan/bully to genuine American hero doing everything in his vast power to legitately help the world.

2.    Hillary Clinton: The only reason Hillary Clinton hasn’t already been President of the United States six years ago was Barack Obama represented an unstoppable movement. This time around, don’t count her out.

3.    Oprah Winfrey: Her mantra of positivity, kindness, forgiveness and candor with humor has been an intoxicating (and most effective) approach to building an empire. Oprah is just Oprah, and she’s helping all of us in immeasurable ways.

4.    Charles/David Koch: Easily the most feared and admired brothers in recent American history, billionaires Charles and David Koch have made it their mission in life to elect as many Republicans as possible — anything less would be deemed as failure.

5.    Indra Nooyi: As Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of PepsiCo, the second largest food and beverage business in the world, Indra Nooyi is the very embodiment of the American dream.

6.    Dr. Mehmet Oz: “American’s Doctor”, Dr. Oz, remains the single-most influential person with a medical degree in this nation.

7.    Elizabeth Warren: For liberals, the senior Senator from Massachusetts is nothing short of Mother Teresa dressed up as a former Harvard professor.

8.    Maria Celeste Arrarás: The single most-watched Hispanic woman on Spanish language television, Maria Celeste Arrarás is a force of nature and much beloved to her millions of viewers.

9.    Jeb Bush: The Bush most thought would be first to ascend to the White House, Jeb Bush, the popular former two-term governor of Florida, is poised to become a viable alternative to the ever-growing “clown car” of GOP hopefuls.

10.    Ellen DeGeneres: A tireless activist for full equality across the board all while doing it with her unrivaled big name Hollywood allies and plenty of humor.

11.    Arianna Huffington: The tale of how a well-educated Greek woman conquered nothing less daunting than media itself is a story worth telling.

12.    Meryl Streep: Streep is re-emerging as a dedicated and public advocate for causes she most believes in, particularly surrounding women and girls’ rights.

13.    Bill Clinton: Bill Clinton’s strengths are so overwhelming, but his negatives are ever lurking. This is the time to keep your eye on the first President Clinton.

14.    Michelle Obama: No one could have prepared us for the special brand of sass, contemporary realness and passionate activism otherwise known as Michelle Obama.

15.    Madonna: There is only one “Queen of Pop” and Madonna has once again proven why she’s maintained her status at the single-most talked-about pop star in our midst.

16.    Bill Maher: Agree with him or not, there is no denying that his take on the soon-to-be crowded field of presidential hopefuls will be nothing short of hilarious, appointment television.

17.    Rosie Pérez: The Hispanic woman with the biggest daily platform in America with her co-hosting job on The View, she’s a most welcome addition to the landscape of endless chatter.

18.    Tim Cook: How does one replace the most beloved innovator of all time? Cook has definitely pulled off a very difficult trick, continuing the explosive growth of one of the planet’s most important companies while introducing new products.

19.    Dan Savage: As the creator of the wildly popular “It Gets Better” campaign, Savage is using his humor for the greater good.

20.    Diane Von Furstenberg: If empowering women and girls to be their best selves all while creating one of the most important fashion brands in the world weren’t enough, Diane Von Furstenberg has now entered the fractured world of realtiy television—and succeeding.

Among the additional 50 Most Powerful Americans who made the list: Bill Nye (22), Gloria Estefan (24), Adam Moss (27), Barbra Steisand (29), Robert Downey, Jr (31), Howard Stern (33), Bill O’Reilly (38), Sarah Jessica Parker (39), Denzel Washington (41), Bobby Flay (44) and Whoopi Golberg (49). For the full list, visit:

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