Kadho Announces New Learning App That Builds The Foundation For Babies And Toddlers To Learn Multiple Languages

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Kadho’s Apps and eBooks are being launched in May 2015 and are based on 50 years of brain science.

Mochu Dashboard for Parents

“These games will help children hear sounds from different languages that they might have never heard without our apps. From birth to 3 years old, we expect children to show more brain functioning and different stages of babbling to their first words."

Why do grownups say goo goo or similar gibberish when addressing newborns? Because they know instinctually that language begins at birth. A baby born in Asia or Europe has the same capacity for hearing and mastering language as one born in Atlanta or Eugene. For parents hoping to encourage a lifetime of linguistics, they could hire a French au pair or download a complimentary collection of Apps from Kadho called Mochu.

Mochu the Penguin, in his first app Mochu Pop (English, Spanish, French and Italian) guides babies and toddlers through animation via an iPad or smartphone in just a few minutes. Babies, with their parents’ guidance, “pop” balloons of different shapes with the touch of a tiny finger. Each popped balloon emits a sound that’s key to one of the core featured languages. By spending time with Mochu, parents strengthen a baby’s developing neurons meant for English and other foreign languages. Tots ages 0-3 years old hear the easier sounds first and the harder ones later, just as any child learns a language, globally.

Have you ever noticed how babies say mama or dada first? In English, the letters M, D and B are mastered earliest. Kadho’s Apps and eBooks are being launched in May 2015 and are based on 50 years of brain science. They build the foundation to learn languages. Learning a foreign language as a young child is much easier than learning at say, 25 years old. Ask anyone who has tried to master a Rosetta Stone course for a business trip!

Kadho's name is formed with the first letters of the the company's PhD co-founders, Kaveh and Dhonam. CEO Kaveh Azartash says, “These games will help children hear sounds from different languages that they might have never heard without our apps.."

Adds Chief Scientific Officer Dhonam Pemba, “Ideally they should be babbling sounds from languages their parents don’t know.”

The research to create these childhood games started after these smart co-founders were surprised by how difficult it was to master a new language – Mandarin – as adults. Their hope is for children to retain all the language abilities they are given at birth and sadly lose by age five if not nurtured.

Preserving those ‘wired” language skills is as simple as downloading one of Kadho’s tools. Concurs Professor Noam Chomsky (i.e. the Father of Modern Linguistics), one of the company’s many esteemed advisors, "children acquire language best through immersion and motivation, the fundamental components in your approach."

Launching along with two apps are two adorable eBooks. Kadho incorporates some of the most important sounds of various languages that are proven to stimulate young minds as they are read aloud. A special feature by Kadho is hearing the storybook in several dialects -- English, Mandarin, Spanish, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean -- so youngsters get exposed to all the sounds present in other languages. The interactive eBooks foster exploration that mimics a child’s natural language acquisition process, as they interact with objects in the book that reveal sounds for those objects. Using a specially designed dashboard, parents can monitor their children’s progress as they play our apps and see what percentage of each language’s sound a child has been exposed to.

Mochu eBook: Mochu Says Goodnight • Ages Newborn+ • Free
Read, play and sing along with your baby as you read them a bedtime story. Mochu the Penguin can’t fall asleep. Join Mochu on a journey to say goodnight to all his friends and prepare for bedtime. Have fun interacting with objects in this eBook to expose your child to the most important sounds (words and phonemes) in English, Spanish, French and Italian.

Mochu Pop • Ages 1-3 years old • Free
Pop the balloons to hear a sound. In this game, the child is presented with the shape first and then watches as balloons fly up on the screen. Little ones must touch the right balloons that match the shape. When a balloon is “popped” youngsters are rewarded with a sound. These sounds, based on decades of research, are foundational to language.

Additionally, Kadho’s performance monitoring dashboard allows parents to measure what really matters in their children’s learning and development, diagnosing strengths and weaknesses, tracking progress and ultimately using data for better decision-making in their child’s development.

Mochu will be available in May 2015 for at no charge on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, as well as on Google Play. For the latest game information, please visit http://www.Kadho.com

Founded by Dr. Kaveh Azartash and Dr. Dhonam Pemba both PhDs in Biomedical Engineering with emphasis in vision and neuroscience, and being backed by a strong network of early childhood educators, neuroscientists, linguists and child psychologists, Kadho Inc. is utilizing the last 50 years of brain science to develop games and eBooks to maintain and enhance the innate abilities that children are born with. Kadho’s apps and eBooks teach the building blocks of linguistics by exposing babies and toddlers 4,000 key sounds from 12 languages recorded by native speakers in a customized manner that adapts to child’s learning pace. When children this young hear these sounds repetitively it unlocks a part of their brain to ready it for learning their native and other languages. For more information, visit their informative website, http://www.kadho.com.

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