A Simple Yet Creative Solution for Keeping Feet Healthy Launches, Shaking up the Footwear Industry

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JellyFeet365, a reusable and effective safeguard from what lurks below our soles, has creative minds buzzing.

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We protect feet. I will say that again, we protect feet.

With confidence and a relentless nature, Twin Cities entrepreneur Ron Wright said today that a product he created was born out of something that’s been on his mind – and his feet -- since he was a youngster sweating up a storm from one season’s sport to another.

Sure to spark thoughts among armchair inventors of “now, why didn’t I think of that?” Wright said his creation, JellyFeet365, recently made significant ripples in the business world for being a simple yet ingenious pair of synthetic foot covers that offer protection from who knows what is out there below the millions of feet walking along countless surfaces around the world.

While Wright began noodling about his now patent-pending JellyFeet365 more than a dozen years ago, the pace is quickening toward a rapid explosion on the retail scene.

The foot covers recently debuted online at http://www.jellyfeet365.com/shop in Smurf blue, as Wright likes to call it, but he is adding color options and also will soon expand size choices beyond the wide swath of feet that the current 7.5 to 14 already covers.

In early April, Wright showed off his Minnesota-manufactured JellyFeet365s at the annual Grow Your Company Conference in Nashville, Tenn., where entrepreneurs fed off each other for three high-energy days.

“We were kept busy, very busy, introducing the product to consumers,” said Wright, whose enthusiasm for his multiuse product knows no bounds. “This resulted in promising distributor deals looming, and we got sales and drove awareness of the brand.”

The trade show buzz among his fellow visionaries, quite clearly, centered on the fact that “no one had heard or seen anything like this,” Wright said. “There was an extremely high level of interest. We took one barrier – many barriers, really – and knocked them down. It’s really not all that complicated.”

Seemingly awed by his own invention’s simplicity, Wright explained that sitting before JellyFeet365 is a potential market that is limited only by the number of feet in the world. In other words, no limit at all.

But Wright acknowledged that he’s got to start somewhere, and that’s in the health and fitness industry, where his personal experience is rooted in this creation.

“Growing up, I had this phobia of having dirty feet, exposing my feet to surfaces that I considered unclean,” said Wright, a multisport athlete as a youngster who spent years sharing all kinds of surfaces with teammates. “I always knew there was an issue between athletics, competing, close proximity, having to take a shower, walk around bathrooms and not having the right protection on your feet.”

While at the University of Minnesota Duluth, where he studied graphic design and ran on the track team, he “started to put pen to paper” about conquering this fear of germs being picked up by his feet. The brainstorming continued as he entered the corporate world, working for and traveling on behalf of Kellogg, Coca-Cola and Renters Warehouse.

“When I worked for large companies, I’d be going through airports, going through security and having to take off my shoes,” Wright said. “I’d be walking on carpet on what I would call unsanitary hotel floors and not feeling good about it. It was an issue that I felt very, very close to, and I was confident that there would be people who would feel the same way.”

Wright’s ambitions stretch well beyond fitness center locker rooms, airport security areas and hotels. He intends to see JellyFeet365 foot covers worn by military personnel around the globe and even by prison inmates across the nation.

“We protect feet. I will say it again, we protect feet,” Wright said in a few words as simple as his creation. “With or without socks, traveling, playing any sport, you name it. We protect your feet from all the unknown, unsanitary things that are on the ground.”

Wright is wise enough to stake his future on a product that is not meant to solve “a trend problem. We are here to introduce and drive awareness about foot protection. We really want to cause disruption in how people think about what they put on their feet and why.”

About JellyFeet365 and founder/inventor Ron Wright
JellyFeet365 is based in the Minneapolis suburb of Champlin, Minn., and is dedicated to the promotion of keeping the human foot as healthy as possible no matter the surface that may be encountered. Its patent-pending foot cover design offers consumers a comfortable, effective and attractive layer of protection that can be found nowhere else in the world. Founder Ron Wright began brainstorming his invention in 2001 and 2002 before graduating from the University of Minnesota Duluth. He continued putting the pieces together as he worked for various major corporations and then set off on his own to make this product widely available. For more information, visit http://www.jellyfeet365.com or call 1-844-411-FEET (3338).

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