New SpectrumMax Wi-FiMobile® Products Let Cable Companies Target Millennials with the Voice & Rich Messaging Features They Love.

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SpectrumMax® announces 2 new Wi-FiMobile® products, CableCell® voice and messaging over Wi-Fi service, and CablEnable®, a fully integrated BSS /OSS system that provides an end-to-end solution for all aspects of MSO entry into the mobile space. CableCell drastically reduces cellular airtime costs and provides product differentiation that allow MSOs to reduce churn, increase Win Backs and compete in the mobile voice and rich messaging arena with features young Millennials love.

Today at the Chicago INTX Cable & Television Show, San Antonio TX-based SpectrumMax® announced the introduction of an innovative new Wi-FiMobile® service that promises to turbo-charge MSO phone calling products, allowing cable operators to eliminate customer losses and successfully compete with cellular (wireless) carriers.

"SpectrumMax® CableCell® enables cable operators to offer "Wi-Fi First" cellular voice + messaging service (Wi-FiMobile®) to new and existing subscribers and provide an unmatched enhanced messaging suite for cellular + VoIP communications", said Paul Posner, president of SpectrumMax®. “We’re improving cellular coverage indoors and in other dead spots, as well as eliminating most messaging and roaming costs. In addition, Rich Messaging provides capabilities that are wildly popular internationally but which no U.S. wireless service provider offers today. Young Millennials like these features because they are fun. Small businesses want these features because they are functional. By dramatically lowering costs, improving reception in-home or office, and providing new and enhanced messaging features, this product is tailor-made to reduce cord cutting and churn and increase Win Backs.”

“This is the most full-featured MVNE solution (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler) in the wireless industry and an outgrowth of an actual, functioning MNO (mobile network operator)", said Jeff Henry, Vice President of Business Development for SpectrumMax®. “SpectrumMax® provides a platform for enhanced distribution of existing and new telecommunications services, as well as over 75 years of expertise operating all aspects of a cellular business. We provide cable operators with the opportunity to be a First Mover launching a unique mobile wireless service, a.k.a. Wi-FiMobile®, that creates an effective quadruple play (cable, internet, landline phone, and mobile phone) similar to successful European rollouts, continued Henry.

“This is a Zero CAPEX, hosted, cloud-based solution that is all about generating new revenue and reducing customer churn. It’s also about monetizing the Wi-Fi networks cable operators are building out and offering a differentiated mobile product that will appeal to the 80 million Millennials that are cutting the cord. Cable operators are putting out millions to expand Wi-Fi networks and create large scale roaming alliances with millions of access points. Now with SpectrumMax, those Wi-Fi access points can all provide voice and messaging off the cellular network. The result is a huge reduction in MSO voice and messaging resale cost and cable companies can now all do Voice with a powerful competitive advantage,” continued Henry.

What's different about this Wi-Fi First service is that it reduces cellular resale cost to 1/3 of what it was due to the fact that 60-70% of calling/messaging occurs where Wi-Fi is available. Continued Wi-Fi expansion and traffic management enhancements should provide further cost reductions in addition to gains in functionality and control.    MSOs who have already made major Wi-Fi network investments and can leverage that through better Voice and Rich Messaging services and seamless integration of advanced features with their existing VoIP offerings.

How CableCell® works

  • App: includes smart connection manager that monitors cellular + Wi-Fi signals. Can be configured to Wi-Fi first, cellular first, best connection, user manual selection, or something in between. Also includes Rich Messaging suite. Works with any Android or iPhone.
  • App servers: communicates with app and sends traffic to appropriate gateway (cellular, cable operator) or point-to-point.
  • Translation servers: convert communications from app to standard protocols for delivery to cable company gateways, cellular gateways as required.
  • Specialized cellular interconnection: receives/delivers traffic between MSO and cellular gateways.
  • As a result:

-All incoming and outgoing voice and messaging traffic from subscriber is delivered to MSO gateways then delivered over Wi-Fi when available (cellular only when necessary). Messaging costs are almost completely eliminated.
-VoIP and cellular service can be integrated for "one number" capability
-Messaging can be applied to current MSO Wi-Fi Voice offerings

  • Rich Messaging- in addition to standard cellular text and picture messaging:

-Message Notification
-Typing Indicator
-Video calling
-Walkie Talkie voice messaging
-Available user tracking

In addition to CableCell®, SpectrumMax also provides an end-to-end MVNE (Mobile Virtual Network Enabler) solution. CablEnable®, is a complete BSS/OSS solution with a carrier-grade, scalable billing system that integrates with existing MSO systems.

  • Flexible, user-friendly platform allows unlimited pricing plans, fast and easy implementation, interconnection, number porting, regulatory and logistics management provided end-to-end.
  • POS: full-function retail POS, cash management, inventory management, employee accountability (cash, payroll hours, etc.), and reporting.
  • Provisioning: automated system activates/deactivates customer service instantly. Can be integrated with other MSO systems.
  • Data warehouse: Real-time access to billing, calling, messaging activity, delivery of CDR's, and other data allows expanded reporting and import/export capabilities.
  • Call center: can provide tier 2 and above support.
  • Rating: Provides the link between the cable company and the cellular gateways, billing, and rating functions
  • EZ Screens: simplifies sales/CSR/admin input, prevents mistakes, populates underlying systems through back-end API
  • Data Warehouse: all data collected, normalized, put into a single data warehouse for reporting, export to other systems
  • Trouble ticketing
  • Reporting

-Canned reports for sales, operations, network management
-Daily summary reports emailed each night to departmental distribution lists
-Real-time dashboards for sales, operations, network management
-Push notifications for exceptions

  • Provisioning real-time
  • Number porting- automated
  • Regulatory, licensing, and interconnection expertise
  • Customer care
  • Distribution: comprehensive operations systems for sale, resale, and distribution of cellular, broadband, VoIP, cable, and other products through third party dealers or through company stores and call centers.

CablEnable® and CableCell® Implementation and Cost

  • Single source solution can integrate with cable company systems or operate as a separate system with backend connectivity
  • Hosted, cloud-based solution
  • Utilizes existing systems rather than building your own.
  • Applicable to existing VoIP subscriber base in addition to cellular.

About SpectrumMax

The SpectrumMax solution was the result of 3 years of development by the collective IT groups from Pocket Communications, a mobile network operator based in San Antonio, TX, and the app/device software development group from Houdinisoft, the industry leader in unlocking and re-provisioning ("flashing") CDMA cellular phones.

Pocket built and ran a 500 cell site CDMA cellular network and developed its own billing/POS system that handled over 400,000 subscribers, 125 company stores, 500 independent dealer locations, and ran over $9 million/month in cash through store operations with a loss ratio of <.1/2%. Launching operations in June 2006, Pocket grew to 385,000 subscribers before being sold in February 2010 to Cricket Communications (now owned by AT&T).

In 2008, Houdinisoft created the "flashing" industry using a SaaS model to unlock and reprovision CDMA devices allowing them to operate on a different network. Since inception, the company has converted 3 million devices for over 20 North American CDMA MNOs.

For More Information contact:
Jeff Henry
VP Business Development
@ 210-347-3927 or email: jhenry(at)spectrummax(dot)com.

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