Hamsta - new smart personal budgeting software that helps control cash flow and save more money.

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Hamsta is a simple web application that makes personal budgeting much easier. Hamsta automates all routine tasks and lets the user focus on costs optimisation and savings.

Hamsta helps you to save money and keep track of your budgets.

Mova, http://mova.io, Ukrainian software development company, announced a new web service for personal budgeting. Unlike existing applications, it is designed for people who want to optimize their cash flow, and increase savings.

So, what is a budget? Budget is just an estimate of expenses over some period. It helps to determine how much money is still available and notifies whenever a monthly spendings limit is close. Budgeting sounds pretty easy on paper, but when people are trying to use budgets, it becomes very time-consuming. The user needs to add all incomes and expenses, recalculate how much he still has available per month, check how much has been overspent and more.

Hamsta (http://hamsta.biz) helps manage budgets with no effort. It calculates and shows how much money is still available, how much has been saved or overspent. Hamsta displays largest spendings categories, net worth changes, handles currency exchange and much more. The only thing user needs to do, is just to add his expenses to it.

Let's see how does budgeting work, and take $400 groceries budget for example. At the beginning of the first month, Hamsta will display that all $400 are available. However, each time new spendings in this category appear, the available amount will become smaller and smaller. Spent $50? Nothing to worry about there is still $350 left. Extra $380 dollars spent on a birthday party? The budget has been exceeded by $30, and Hamsta will highlight Groceries budget with red. Overspent $30 will be transferred to the next month. The idea of transferring overspent to next month is important - if you spent more this time, you would need to spend less in the future. The goal is to save more money, remember?

To create and review all the spendings, Hamsta has Transactions page. When all budget have been set up, transaction creation is the only action user needs to do. But don’t worry about it too much - it is easy, takes just a second, and can be done at any time. Even more, Mova has created a browser extension for Chrome that creates new Hamsta transactions with the speed of light.

Budgets are not the only Hamsta’s feature. Hamsta can always help you to understand what is going on with your money. Its dashboard has lots of useful stats and graphs. How much has been saved last month and how much earned this month? Where money are going, and how does net worth changes? Hamsta has lots of stats and charts to answer all these questions.

Budgeting needs more efforts that classic expenses tracking, but it is much more useful. Hamsta is the new web services that will make personal budgeting much easier for everyone. Its goal is to help to stay within a budget, understand spending habits, and save more and more money.

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