Duncan Hearing Healthcare Identifies 5 Reasons People Deny Hearing Loss

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Duncan Hearing Healthcare has identified the top five reasons people deny hearing loss, resulting in the average person with hearing loss waiting five to seven years before seeking treatment. By raising awareness as to why hearing loss is difficult to detect, Duncan Hearing Healthcare hopes to encourage early intervention.

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In most cases, hearing loss develops so gradually over time that the affected individual simply doesn’t notice the change.

Duncan Hearing Healthcare, in a recently published article, has identified the main reasons why those with hearing loss often deny the problem or refuse to seek help. According to Duncan Hearing Healthcare, It takes the average person with hearing loss 5 to 7 years before seeking a professional diagnosis, despite the fact that the signs and symptoms of hearing loss are clear to others.

From an outside perspective, those with hearing loss can appear stubborn or obstinate, but the fact is that many individuals suffering from hearing loss either cannot recognize the symptoms at all or do not realize the severity of the problem. For this reason, hearing loss has often been referred to as the invisible handicap.

The main reason hearing loss is difficult to detect is that it occurs gradually over time. In most cases, hearing loss develops so gradually over time that the affected individual simply doesn’t notice the change. While a sudden change from normal hearing to a 25 decibel hearing loss would be noticeable, the lesser change of a 1-2 decibel loss would not.

Masking the problem further, hearing loss is often partial, meaning that some sounds can still be heard normally. And because speech is usually the sound most difficult to hear with high-frequency hearing loss, those with hearing loss can compensate by turning up the TV volume to excessive levels or by forcing people to shout.

The remaining factors that make hearing loss difficult to detect include the fact that most family doctors do not routinely screen for hearing loss and that hearing loss is an invisible and pain free condition.

Duncan Hearing Healthcare is urging those with any signs of hearing loss, even if the signs are subtle or first noticed by friends or family members, to schedule a hearing test as soon as possible, as early intervention results in the best outcome. The full article can be found at http://www.duncanhearing.com/blog/5-reasons-why-people-deny-hearing-loss/.

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