Energenetics, Inanovate Combine Next Generation Protein and Blood Assay Technologies to Combat Worst Diseases

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Energenetics, a biotech-food company based in Iowa, and Inanovate, Inc., a medical technology company based in North Carolina, are collaborating to advance protein-based diagnostics and therapeutics for faster recovery and survival from diseases, such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, and Alzheimer's.

“Inanovate is capable of detecting diseases such as cancer in their earliest stages by screening multiple protein biomarkers simultaneously from a single blood sample,” says Glen Wegner, a prominent attorney and medical doctor affiliated with Inanovate.

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The two companies plan to identify then produce plant--based "designer" botanical proteins in new food product lines that will provide higher nutritional protein therapies that could result in faster recovery and survival from many diseases. Diseases that will initially be targeted will be HIV/AIDS and cancer patients suffering from cachexia and sarcopenia (muscle wasting that usually causes a dramatic loss of weight and appetite).

These botanical proteins are mixtures of intact protein amino acid chains (Perfect Plant Proteins) isolated from specialty, non-GMO grains, ancient grains, and seeds, and other botanical sources without denaturation (damage that occurs to protein amino acids due to cooking and steeping in harsh acids for days which causes an unraveling of the protein amino acid chains, leading to spoilage, off-tastes, and odors).

When these special botanical proteins are mixed in specific proportions, a higher level of nutrition can be achieved that is superior to animal proteins but without the negative side effects of animal proteins (high cholesterol and saturated fats). Because Perfect Plant Proteins are totally natural and organic, they can be incorporated into many food product lines – for example, cereals, pastas, cookies, mixes, spreads, and breads -- to replace animal-based proteins. These Perfect Plant Protein foods can also be used to combat diseases associated with malnutrition throughout the world.

Inanovate/Energenetics Synergies
Inanovate was introduced to Energenetics’ disease fighting activities (HIV patient treatment) by Inanovate advisor and investor Glen Wegner who lives in Boston. Wegner, a doctor and a lawyer, immediately recognized the potential synergy between the two companies’ respective technologies.

“Inanovate is capable of detecting diseases such as cancer in their earliest stages by screening multiple protein biomarkers simultaneously from a single blood sample,” says Glen Wegner, a prominent attorney and medical doctor affiliated with Inanovate. “The Inanovate platform (called the Bio-ID) will be used to help identify and select the Perfect Plant Proteins that will achieve the highest therapeutic value, as well as develop companion diagnostic tests that can help optimally target the developed therapies.”

“There is a vital need to develop faster and more accurate medical diagnostics that can provide earlier detection and improved tracking of cancer and other diseases” says David Ure, President and CEO of Inanovate. “Each cancer and disease exhibits a unique set of protein biomarkers in the bloodstream that may appear at different times and in different concentrations. A more rapid and accurate method to assay these biomarkers will not only lead to earlier detection of these diseases, but can aid in the development and targeting of novel nutritional protein therapies based on mixtures of plant-based botanical proteins and their amino acids that are non-animal based that can lead to the earlier treatment and recovery from such diseases. The Inanovate Technology Platform can also monitor the patient immune system during afflictions from diseases and this is where the Perfect Plant Proteins can be targeted to provide not only the highest nutritional levels, but used to strengthen the immune system. ”

Inanovate has received approximately six million dollars in start-up funding to date from both private investors as well has high profile medical research entities and the US Government and is now raising an additional two million dollars that will lead to the commercial launch of their Bio-ID platform.

Blood Assay Technologies
The team of medical scientists at Inanovate (http://www.inanovate.com ), Inc has developed a faster and more accurate blood assay platform that can simultaneously screen for multiple biomarkers from a single minute blood sample. The worldwide biomarker market is presently estimated at $20 billion annually, growing to a forecasted $40 billion by 2018 [Biomarkers Market – Global Trends & Forecasts (2013 – 2018)]. 40% of this market ($8 billion annually) is related to the discovery, validation and clinical use of biomarkers for complex diseases like cancer and heart disease. The benefits of the Inanovate platform are specifically designed to address the needs of these complex diseases, wherein the accurate measurement of multiple different biomarkers in one low cost test is key.

This platform can lead to the rapid detection of the unique biomarkers exhibited by each disease, for example, breast, ovarian, prostate, lung, and pancreatic cancers, and other diseases such as cachexia, sarcopenia (muscle wasting) HIV/AIDS, diabetes, MS, Alzheimer's, autism. The earlier detection of these diseases and/or their recurrences can lead to increased chances of treatment and survival of such diseases. Presently under development on the Inanovate platform is a monitoring test that can detect breast cancer recurrence in its earliest stage when treatment may still be curative. And more recently, the Inanovate platform can also be used to monitor the immune system through protein biomarkers in both the bloodstream and saliva. The unique capability of the Inanovate platform to accurately detect and measure multiple biomarkers across a near unlimited concentration range in one single low cost test enables a new generation of more sensitive and specific diagnostic tests for complex multi-variant diseases such as cancer (‘any assay, one multiplex, one run, one dilution’). The savings in cost, time and sample use delivered through the platform mean the Inanovate technology can be utilized worldwide in detection and combating disease.

The Inanovate Bio-ID is a new generation of blood screening technology that provides users with accurate, highly sensitive kinetic data on multiple biomarkers in real-time for the rapid detection of disease.

Equally important is the development of new therapeutic proteins developed by Energenetics (http://www.egembrs.com ) which can be used in the treatment of diseases (proteohomeostasis). The new protein isolation process developed by Energenetics, in conjunction with the USDA, recovers intact protein amino acid chains from many botanical and grain sources without denaturation. Energenetics believes that mixtures of these natural protein isolate amino acids can be used to target nutritional protein therapies for specific diseases as well as used to strengthen the immune system during afflictions from disease.

These new botanical Perfect Plant Proteins and amino acids can also be incorporated into many palate pleasing consumer food products, such as cereals, pastas, cookies, shakes, imitation cheeses, and spreads that will provide protein replenishment and nourishment at the cellular level that will allow for faster muscle recovery and help sustain the human body during recovery from many diseases. Scientists also believe these highly nutritious "medical foods" can be used to replace the vile and horrible tasting animal and synthetic-based feeding tube applications now used to achieve patient nutritional therapy through the use of such Perfect Plant Protein Products which are nutraceuticals (proteonutraceuticals or proteohomeostasis--the use of proteins in the treatment of treat disease).

Energenetics (http://www.egembers.com) has worked in conjunction with the USDA to develop these new protein isolate extraction technologies. Its new Corn Protein Isolates that are produced from the USDA's Heart Friendly Corn contains ninety-five percent pure protein and have been successfully tested in many consumer products such as breads and cookies. The Natick US Army R&D Command Center over all meals worldwide for all military services, has expressed interest in this produce in their “Meals Ready to Eat” (MREs), which could provide our servicemen with faster muscle recovery, especially in critical combat zones.

Energenetics has had queries from major food processors interested in “fortifying” such products as breads, cookies, cheeses, ice creams, yogurts, potato chips, cereals and even beer with its Corn Protein Isolates that could benefit from protein fortification and the substitution of protein for fat and other high-caloric ingredients. In essence, these products will be fortified by Energenetics' "medical or therapeutic proteins" allowing these same proteins to become available for the diet of everyday consumers. The company has also developed resistant starches and plant-based omega 3/6/9 essential oils, that, when combined with their protein isolates, will result in guilt-free consumption of pastas, breads, snacks and cheeses by weight-conscious consumers. The company has recently made an indirect proposal through the United Nation's World Food Programme, the world's largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide which reaches more than 97 million people suffering from the devastating "kwashiorkor disease" (malnutrition from starvation) where over 3 million children die from such debilitating diseases each year.

Furthermore, Energenetics’ protein isolates represent an ideal alternative to conventional meat proteins because it is healthier to consume and has the potential to sharply accelerate a shift to vegetable protein substitutes for beef, pork and poultry. This “shift” could free up considerable arable land resources currently used for expensive animal husbandry, it would result in a far more efficient and environmentally sustainable way of producing food protein from crops such as corn, rice, soy, canola, barley, tomatoes, and potatoes. One study showed that if quality plant-based proteins could be produced that would be comparable to animal protein (reducing our reliance on the hog, the cow, or the chicken) this would result in a 1000% increase in the availability of food protein to feed our starving planet, and, it would better help protect our planet's natural resources.

A Not for Profit Foundation to Sponsor Clinical Trials
The two companies plan to establish a non-profit foundation
(see: http://www.proteintherapeuticsfoundation.org) and enter into an alliance agreement to collaborate in conducting a series of clinical trials at a number of major medical institutions to test their combined platforms for the early detection of many diseases where feedback from the Inanovate Platform will validate the efficacies of Energenetics’ protein therapies that will be critical in the development of nutritional and therapeutic protein treatments of such diseases.

One trial that will be sponsored by Energenetics is a clinical trial to determine the efficacy of that will test Energenetic's Perfect Protein Products and the Inanovate Platform for combating cachexia and sarcopenia (muscle wasting) in cancer and HIV/AIDS patients. These patients sometimes suffer from dramatic loss of weight and appetite due to these afflictions. Energenetics hopes to garner interest from several high-profile non-profit funding groups interested in alleviating malnutrition and its resulting diseases on a worldwide basis.

“We are excited to collaborate with Energenetics through to help develop, optimize and target new protein enhanced food products that have the potential of treating a broad range of diseases from cancer to HIV,” says Ure. “Our platform, the Bio-ID, is a great match for Energenetics' needs as it uniquely enables users to accurately screen across an almost unlimited range of proteins in a single, low-cost test, using a patented process called Longitudinal Assay Screening (LAS).” Ure points out that this process can be thought of as extreme time-lapse photography for protein detection.

“Unlike other protein detection tools and platforms, which take a single ‘photo or image’ of target proteins within a sample, our technology takes many such images (photo’s) throughout the course of a test,” says Ure.

“This gives us a much richer and informative insight into the presence and concentration of each target protein with the sample. Leveraging this unique advantage by working with Energenetics will help to identify and validate new protein isolates for potential therapeutic use within food products,” Ure emphasizes, adding, “Building on this foundation, we will use our platform to screen the candidate protein isolates to validate their therapeutic efficacy and track identified protein biomarkers that can be used to help better target these new therapies.”

Inanovate, Inc.
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Energenetics Energies LLC
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