National Eye Institute Dry Eye Article Lacking Education About Water and Vision Discusses Fresh Water Advocate Sharon Kleyne

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Bio-Logic Aqua® Research Founder Sharon Kleyne says during spring dry eye season, the first line of defense should be water supplementation. Kleyne will discuss dry eye education, water supplementation and the NEI on her upcoming Sharon Kleyne Hour™ Power of Water® broadcast of May 18, 2015.

“Dry eye,” according to fresh water advocate Sharon Kleyne, host of the Sharon Kleyne Hour™ Power of Water® radio show, is defined as a “loss of water content in the basal tear film covering the eye’s exposed portions.” Logically, says Kleyne, the initial steps when experiencing dry eye symptoms should be to (1) supplement already lost water and (2) prevent additional water loss. Kleyne is concerned that the prestigious National Eye Institute offers no education about water supplementation on its dry eye web page.*

*National Eye Institute (NEI), “Facts about dry eye,” last reviewed August, 2009.

Kleyne will discuss dry eye education, water supplementation and the NEI on her upcoming Sharon Kleyne Hour™ Power of Water® broadcast of May 18, 2015. For the live show or a podcast, go to

The syndicated radio show, hosted by Kleyne, is heard weekly on VoiceAmerica and Apple iTunes. The education oriented show is sponsored by Bio-Logic Aqua® Research, founded by Kleyne and specializing in fresh water, atmosphere, dehydration and vision. Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® is the Research Center’s signature product for dry eye.

Dry eye symptoms have become the most common complaint heard by Ophthalmologists in the United States. Kleyne believes that 50 to 90 percent of the US population experiences at least occasional mild symptoms. In certain occupations, such as computer operator, the dry eye incidence is much higher. In many countries where the atmosphere is dryer or more polluted, dry eye disease has become a public health crisis. Untreated dry eye can lead to numerous other eye diseases that could result in permanent visual impairment or blindness.

The surface of the eye, Kleyne explains, is 99 percent water. A loss of only 2 percent of that water can result in symptoms such as itching and burning eyes, blurred vision, fatigue and headaches. Water can be lost due to malfunctioning tear glands, exposure to dehydrating substances in the atmosphere or evaporation into the air from the surface of the basal tear film covering the eye’s exposed portions.

Dehydrating substances affecting the eyes include airborne particulate pollutants, pollen, dust and certain chemicals. Tear film surface evaporation is stimulated by warm temperatures, dry air (cold air tends to be dryer than warm air) and wind.

The best way to prevent dry eye, according to Kleyne, is to become educated about dry eye risk factors and about strategies to either avoid them or minimize their impact.

One important strategy to minimize the impact of dry eye risk exposure is body hydration – drinking at least eight glasses of water a day to keep eyes and tear glands healthy and functioning. Room humidifiers and attention to room humidity are also helpful.

To supplement tear film water already lost, Kleyne recommends an all-natural, personal, hand held eye humidifying device such as Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® from Bio-Logic Aqua® Research. Formulated eye drops, Kleyne notes, do not add water to the tear film. Their benefit is to help seal in moisture after the lost water has been replaced with a product such as Nature’s Tears® EyeMist®.

Kleyne has always focused on eye care education in promoting her products. The government of China recently endorsed Kleyne’s educational approach for the launch of Nature’s Tears® EyeMist® in that country – which they describe as a nationwide “educational program.”

According to Kleyne, her views on water supplementation for dry eye are supported by her Research Center’s Medical Advisory Board and are endorsed by 22,000 Optometrists and Ophthalmologists in the United States. She urges the NEI to add a discussion of water supplementation therapy to their web page.

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