Exponential Future Symposium 'Clarifying Future Roadmap' Held in Hong Kong

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The first Artificial Intelligence, Anti-Aging, Exponential Technologies and Existential Risks conference was held by the Exponential Technologies Institute in Hong Kong

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Exponential Future Symposium: Clarifying Future Roadmap conference took place in Hong Kong on May 9th. The principal topics discussed included Artificial Intelligence, Anti-Aging, Exponential Technologies and Global Risks.

During the one-day event, specialists and scientists from diverse fields of science such as Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Anti-Aging and predicting the development of scientific and technological progress and global risks participated, as well as venture capitalists. The event captured the attention of many people interested in science and innovative technologies.

One of the conference organizers is an IT millionaire Dmitry Kaminskiy, head and founder of Hong Kong based investment fund Deep Knowledge Ventures, who became well known after his $1 mln prize announcement to the first person who would reach the age 123 (the Supercentenarians Award Project). The fund became especially known last year after announcing that a robot named VITAL (Validating Investment Tool for Advancing Life Sciences) had been named to its board of directors.

Kaminskiy’s conference presentation was titled: “Investment in disruptive exponential technologies and adapting the VITAL robotic board member to achieve these goals”.

One of the most important moments of the conference was the announcement that Deep Knowledge Ventures would support the creation of an international Exponential Technologies Institute.

“Today, there are several organizations in the world which are able to predict the progress of innovative technologies, and also follow global risks. These are Singularity University, the Future of Humanity Institute and the Existential Risks Institute of Cambridge. Famous innovators such as Ray Kurzweil, Peter Diamandis and Elon Musk are also making their contribution. But, unfortunately, some are too optimistic about scientific and technological progress, believing that such progress could resolve all of humanity’s problems. Others are excessive in predicting the death of civilization caused by technological development. Moreover, most are based in the West and devote less attention to other regions.

“In our opinion, we should review all of these factors simultaneously, as well as many others, and create as many roadmaps of innovative technology development and the attendant global risks as possible. We should also model ways to overcome and optimize the balanced development of civilization in the next 10-15 years. In addition, most of the world’s population lives in the BRICS countries, and South East Asia is now at the peak of economic and technological development. Since Hong Kong is one of the main links between Asia and the rest of the world, it was chosen as the conference venue. It is also the location of the Institute’s headquarters.

“The Institute’s main projects over the next few years will be creating and classifying exponential technologies and global risks, creating a smart IT-platform for the most powerful experts from all over the world to work cooperatively on developing and specifying the classifier and creating the most accurate roadmaps for developing innovative technologies and preventing global risks. Initially, Deep Knowledge Ventures, as well as a number of entrepreneurs and the Science Institute of Hong Kong, will support creation of the platform, although the IT platform is expected to be Open Source, like other Institute projects. The platform is expected to become the “global collective mind of the world”, which will unite the most progressive scientists, experts, analysts, business people, entrepreneurs, public figures and representatives of governmental authorities.

“The 20th century witnessed the creation and use of nuclear weapons, which incentivized the creation of the United Nations and the International Atomic Energy Agency, international organizations which have relatively successfully controlled the proliferation of nuclear weapons. In the 21st century, technologies are developing quickly and could lead to new threats in the next 10-15 years. This is why it is imperative to create international organizations now to manage these risks. The Exponential Technologies Institute would become one of the main expert centers for these projects. Moreover, for a multitude of innovative business people and entrepreneurs, this IT platform will be an effective tool for development in the most promising issues,” - said Dmitry Kaminskiy.

About Deep Knowledge Ventures
Deep Knowledge Ventures is a Hong Kong based investment fund. Focusing on anti-aging technologies, Deep Knowledge Ventures adheres harmonious development of the related fields such as personalized medicine, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data analysis and the intersections of them, which create new industries. That’s why our motto is: Investment in disruptive exponential technologies.
For more information, please visit http://www.deepknowledgeventures.com.

About the Exponential Technologies Institute
The Exponential Technologies Institute is an international institute of Exponential Ultra-Innovative Technologies focusing on applied research of related opportunities and risks. For more information, please visit http://exptech.org/.

About Supercentenarians Award
Dmitry Kaminskiy will present a $ 1 mln prize to the first man or woman to reach the age of 123. For more information, please visit http://supercentenarians.info/.

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