Life Force Chiropractic Develops Individualized Pain Management Options for Springtime Patients

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With the season for gardening, outdoor activities and sports championships starting up, the Puyallup chiropractic office is seeing more patients with injuries and helping them get their lives back on track

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With spring in the air, many people begin looking forward to the summer season, so they can become active outside once more. Those with chronic back pain, however, look to services from clinics like Life Force Chiropractic, based in Puyallup, WA, to get back on their feet before the warm weather hits.

Dr. Mindy Hendrick, D.C. at Life Force Chiropractic, noted that more and more patients are coming to her with springtime back injuries. Such pain can be caused by a number of factors, such as sitting for long periods of time, having bad posture, or reawakening a childhood injury.

Such pain can affect a person's entire life, Dr. Hendrick said, and she saw just that in one of the clinic's recent patients who stopped in two weeks ago. Even the outdoor activities that many look forward to can cause injury, as had been the case with this man, who had injured himself while gardening and doing yard work.

The man had been diagnosed with a muscle strain in his mid-back, and it was so severe that he had been unable to sleep through the night for months. He would wake up in the middle of the night in excruciating pain, and he took heavy pain medications to cope with the problem.

Unfortunately, the medicine hadn't done much for him. Instead, it's only swept the problem under the rug for the past nine months, said Dr. Hendrick, who has been working with the patient to explore his pain management options.

For Dr. Hendrick, along with the rest of the chiropractic health industry, natural solutions are the way of the future for pain management. Chiropractic treatments can reduce the need for medication and help relieve pain, without the use of drugs or invasive surgery.

As for her new patient, Dr. Hendrick said that chiropractic treatment was just what he needed. "We adjusted his back and his neck," she said, "and that's all it took!"

That new patient at Life Force Chiropractic isn't alone, Dr. Hendrick explained. Many people don't realize the benefits they can receive from chiropractic treatments until they've explored a bunch of other treatment options.

But that doesn't mean that patients should change or abandon their medication or other plans as prescribed by their doctors, said Dr. Hendrick.

"We don't recommend any medication changes," she said. "Instead, we encourage our patients to work with their primary care physician to decide what's best for them. The ultimate goal would be to hopefully lower dosages when symptoms start to subside."

In addition to those injured doing house or yard work, Dr. Hendrick said that she also sees many athletes walk through the doors at Life Force Chiropractic during this season. Because many are playing in championship games this time of year, they may require chiropractic care to heal injuries or avoid them altogether.

Another patient of Dr. Hendrick's had also tweaked her back earlier this month. However, once she had the injury corrected, she reported feeling better instantly.

Life Force Chiropractic is unique among their competitors, said Dr. Hendrick, because they tend to offer much gentler treatments. She believes that people feel more comfortable and at home at her office, and their questions receive answers.

The clinic also recommends custom-designed plans for each patient, often including stretching and muscle-strengthening programs based on their individual needs. And that, Dr. Hendrick commented, is why so many people seek out the services of Life Force Chiropractic.

"I think people are looking for something different that really works," she said. "They are trying to get away from just covering up the problem to wanting to actually fix it instead."

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