Fabric Structures USA Plans to Double Their Efforts to Clean Up the Waste Management Industry This Year

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Fabric Structures USA goes green by focusing their efforts on helping out the waste management industry. This month, they are supplying Winters Brothers with a 100 ft. long structure for recyclables processing.

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We realize that waste management and recycling are growing industries, and they are getting bigger every year. Our products will help the industry, benefit the environment and protect those who work under extreme weather conditions.

Fabric Structures USA wants to help the waste management industry, and, by extension, the environment. Currently, Fabric Structures USA is helping Winters Brothers, a NY-state based recycling company, with their recycling efforts by providing them with a 52 ft. wide, 100 ft. long, and 21 ft. high outdoor structure in order for them to better process recyclables. Winters Brothers ordered the structure mid-April, and Fabric Structures USA will be delivering it at the end of this month.

The 17-year-old company's fabric structures can not only shield waste management workers from whipping winds, heavy rain, snow and harsh sunlight, but they also provide a place to decontaminate and contain pollution. In addition to protecting workers and materials, fabric structures are ideal for preventing rain water from leaching pollutants from open piles of waste, which keeps a multitude of harmful chemicals eventually making their way into the water tables and drinking water.

At the moment, Fabric Structures USA is assisting five different recycling and composting clients across the country. One such company, Consolidated Nuclear Services, processes weapons-grade nuclear material to make it safe for other applications, such as power generation.

"The recycling and waste management industry is growing, which is good for the environment. We want to do our part in making the world a healthier, cleaner place for our children and future generations," said Ken Stanley, General Manager of Fabric Structures USA. "We realize that waste management and recycling are growing industries, and they are getting bigger every year. Our products will help the industry, benefit the environment and protect those who work under extreme weather conditions."

Waste management employees often work in large open areas, many times on concrete or asphalt lots that are exposed to direct sun as they sort through piles of recyclables. Asphalt can get as hot as 140 degrees, making the work excruciatingly difficult. Fabric Structures USA's portable, often wheel mounted structures can provide shelter to these workers, and lower asphalt temperatures to as cool as 87 degrees, while also providing protection from wind and rain.

Fabric Structures USA can also provide a place where waste disposal workers can decontaminate. Industrial fabric structures are more than capable of housing private showering and changing rooms, as well as create places for more advanced decontamination processes, such as chemical cleansing, UV radiation, and ionization.

These industrial fabric structures can also help contain pollution. Stable and secure, industrial fabric structures can provide a place for waste to be stored before it's transported to a permanent disposal site.

The size and scale of a waste disposal company's industrial fabric structure can also be customized. Fabric Structures USA's team of experts work with end clients to design a structure to help optimize the client's operation. Building sizes range from 12 feet to 166 feet in width, and the length is virtually endless.

"For example: If the waste management company plans on driving trucks through the structure, the structure will need to be larger," said Stanley. "Our structures are made in one of three shapes; Modified Quonset, Quonset and Extra High Quonsets. Each shape lends itself to the particular needs of the customer. While all structures may at first look similar, it is very rare that any two structures are made identical, because we work very closely with our clients to ensure our structures meet the needs of their unique operation. But what really sets our structures apart from traditional construction is the ability to reconfigure the structure to meet the clients’ future expansion and changing needs."

Fabric Structures USA's designs are unique this way in that it's very easy for a waste management company to purchase an additional section and add it to the end of an existing structure should the operation expand. These industrial fabric structures are relocatable, reconfigurable, and resellable, making them the perfect asset for waste disposal.

Fabric Structures USA's ultimate goal for 2015 -- of which Winters Brothers is a part -- is to increase their number of waste management industry clients by 50%.

About Fabric Structures USA

Fabric Structures USA provides production facilities, workshops, warehouse and storage solutions in the form of fabric structures to a wide variety of clients, including both the military and Fortune 5000 Corporations. Their relocatable structures can be used for temporary projects, like construction or concrete curing, or for more permanent operations, such as expanding a warehouse or manufacturing facility. To learn more, visit http://www.fabricstructures-usa.com

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