A Poignant and Profoundly-Inspiring Story of a Life Well Lived

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Infinity Publishing’s Off Tempo is a new autobiographical tale told by Suzanne Berv that depicts the life of a fragile yet enormously strong woman who defied life’s myriad of struggles—practically from cradle to grave—by eliciting unceasing stamina and determination from God, family, friends, and from within.

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I was set on a solitary course and strangest of all was the fact that I seemed to have little or no control over events, often having the feeling that it was all pre-planned, as if I was just being guided all the way.

Off Tempo tells the life story of the author, Suzanne Berv, a vivid account of a life full of unbelievable unfortunate circumstances and the similarly implausible actions, outcomes and realizations of the author, with some elements even going beyond the normal. In essence, the totality of Suzanne’s earthly existence can be summed as leaning more toward the negative side of life but these gave her unbreakable resolve to go and even succeed in her life endeavors.

This memoir chronicles the life of Suzanne, a remarkable account spanning the details of her ancestral origins, childhood and student life in Kansas City, her adventures in travels, adulthood and love affairs in New York, marriage with a music icon, raising a family, pursuit of various professional endeavors, up until her waning years. Albeit she’s probably most recognized as the loving wife of Arthur Berv, the internationally-renowned musician and legend in classical music, the author’s collective triumphs over the myriad of impossible ordeals and struggles makes her story a truly inspiring one, perhaps even causes hers become larger-than-life than that of his illustrious spouse.

Despite being born to an affluent family, her life was simply over-filled with unthinkable travails that don’t normally happen to a person in one lifetime—a mother who disliked her, a father blinded by his extreme love for his wife (her mother), a philandering husband, a brother who only got close to her when they’re already old, successive deaths of loved ones, and even an almost successful attempt to take her own life. But amidst all these ostensibly insurmountable adversities, she made it through. Among others, Suzanne is a singer, painter, bonsai expert, teacher, dog lover, psychic, ascetic, a Jew who believes in Jesus Christ, a benevolent soul who had learned to loves her enemies.

Published by Infinity Publishing, Off Tempo is a shining testimony on a human soul’s triumph over a life full of adversities.

Off Tempo by Suzanne Berv is published by Infinity Publishing is now available for purchase in both print and e-book versions.

Title: Off Tempo    
Author: Suzanne Berv
Genre: Autobiography
ISBN: 978-0-7414-7147-5 Softcover
ISBN: 978-0-7414-7148-2 Hardcover
eISBN: 978-0-7414-7149-9
Pages: 311
Publisher: Infinity Publishing

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