Jessi Houtz’s New Novel The Warden of Aneurin explores how people play their roles in life’s most difficult and strangest circumstances

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The mystical and enchanting village of Aneurin is a realm of deeper yet seemingly more fundamental reality.

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Love, friendship, and humanity would survive another day because of what they’d done. There would be repercussions for their actions, but at that moment, it didn’t much matter.

The Warden of Aneurin, a new novel by Jessi Houtz, is about both the physical and spiritual journeys of various individuals chancing upon a common truth they must reckon with, for different people respond differently to different things.

For the first time in his sixteen-year career, Chief Warrant Officer Darren Hull, a Black Hawk pilot, will be transporting nonmilitary passengers for the Army—a United Nations delegate and his aide, with Green Berets as escorts—through a war-ravaged region of Slovakia. An hour or so after their take off, his plane is hit by a heat-seeking missile and crash-lands in some Slovakian village , the reality-bending place of Aneurin.

Darren and his surviving comrades wake up in a place where electricity and modern technology are anachronisms and where magic reign supreme. In fact, magic heals them from the injuries they sustained during the crash.

Meeting colorful characters that lead unusual lives and specialize in different skills, the survivors discover a life in stark contrast to the modern age they come from. Aneurin still had blacksmiths, swords, and an arena for close-quarter combat training. People in town wear tunics, thick leather boots, cloaks, robes and animal-skin trousers. What is man-made and what is natural seem to find a balance in that unusual place.

The Warden of Aneurin bends previous beliefs and goes beyond apparent physical limitations to a deeper reality in the mystical and enchanting world. And because of Aneurin’s great charm and even greater mystery, one could not decide whether it is better to embrace its seemingly perfect order or escape its imperfections.

Written by Jessi Houtz, The Warden of Aneurin is a fantasy fiction that explores how humans choose to play their roles when exposed to the deeper, inner workings of the universe, however wonderful, volatile, or cruel they are.

The Warden of Aneurin by Jessi Houtz is published by Infinity Publishing is now available for purchase in both print and e-book versions.

Title: The Warden of Aneurin    
Author: Jessi Houtz
Genre: Fiction/Fantasy
ISBN: 978-1-4958-0244-7 (Paperback)
             978-1-4958-0243-0 (Hardcover)
eISBN: 978-1-4958-0245-4
Pages: 313
Price: $5.95
Publication Date: March 19, 2015

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