IpAuctions™ Presents The Worlds Smallest Disposable Illuminated Endoscope For Auction

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IpAuctions™ offers the patent registered as Endoscope Having Disposable Illumination and Camera Module, USPTO Patent Registration #8928746, for a live online auction June 10-12, 2015.

Patent Offering
The patent’s technology pertains to an apparatus and a method for diagnostic or therapeutic imaging within a body lumen (open space). Known as PicoEndo, the apparatus uses an endoscope having a low cost, single-use disposable illumination and camera module (housing). The original USPTO filing date was October 18, 2013 and the patent approval was received on January 6, 2015. The technology enables the physician to customize the lighting and magnification of the endoscope for different diagnostic goals.

The sale of the patent includes the following:

  •     CAD drawings, the official computer-aided designs for the patent’s technology.
  •     Lens magnification options.
  •     Processor and software for multiple image capturing within the body lumen.
  •     Methods of assembling and using the endoscope.

The single-use, disposable capsule housing includes the following:

Thin cable (flexible tether) connected to the distal end of the endoscope circuitry and sized to easily pass through the lumen by swallowing with a drink of water.

Flexible tether with four primary uses: (1) attaches at least one electrical lead to the camera/capsule housing, (2) controls movement within and retraction of out of the lumen, (3) includes two subsets of wires to power the CMOS image sensor, LEDS, and output signals of the images, (4) provides scale markings that measure the traveling distance of the single-use disposable capsule housing within the lumen.

Annular light diffuser tube of optically transparent material.

At least one light emitting diode (semiconductor) providing substantially uniform lighting within the field of view.

Wireless chipset configured to wirelessly transmit video images by the camera to a display.

Due to its versatile design, the patent may be used in multiple medical disciplines. Diagnostic or therapeutic images may be captured of the esophagus, stomach, or respiratory tract by simply swallowing the module and tether without sedating the patient. This patent is capable of 3D imaging and, in the future, could be integrated with the appropriate imaging software. With its adaptability features, prototypes are currently being tested. These include direct digital scanning the ear canal to create a 3D model for producing custom hearing aid shells or locating nerves during root canal procedures.

In addition to efficiently supporting future camera technology improvements, PicoEndo’s single-use, disposable design preserves the initial capital investment in reusable portions of the endoscope system. PicoEndo is the smallest LED-integrated camera in the world and produces high resolution images. The camera and lens elements within the module are portable, customizable, and packaged separately in sterile containers. The lenses may be changed for greater or lesser magnification. These features enable appropriate customization by the physician to meet more specific diagnostic identification needs and avoid unnecessary material costs. The detachable illumination and camera module is discarded after a single use. The electronics via the flexible tether are reusable for future use.

Endoscopic Industry Alert
Endoscopic procedures have diagnosed and saved countless lives for over 30 years. However, there is global concern with multidrug resistant bacteria/germs. Some specific pathogens have been identified and this list is growing. Fast growing out-of-control superbug infections are occurring in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare settings. In the United States, at least two million people are infected each year, with at least 23,000 dying.

Endoscopes have a high risk for negative outcomes resulting from improper handling, cleaning, storing, staff training, and not following the manufacturer’s instructions. Reprocessing (disinfection) protocol standards exist for all endoscopes. The threat of uncontrollable superbug outbreaks from multiple types of germs exists and specific endoscopes have been identified as contributing to these infections. In response, national organizations responsible for maintaining reprocessing standards and protocols for endoscopes are looking deeper to evaluate areas needing improvement to prevent transmission of the multidrug resistant bacteria/germs.

PicoEndo is an emerging endoscope that automatically mitigates the risk of contamination and infection with its single-use disposable module.

Auction Date
The auction for the Endoscope Having Disposable Illumination and Camera Module (Registration #8928746) will run from noon June 10th to noon June 12th. Bidders may register for the auction and view specific details about the patent at http://www.ipauctions.com.

About IpAuctions
IpAuctions™ is the leading online auction firm specializing in the worldwide sale of intellectual property assets. The 14 year old firm has a proprietary international database of over 10,000 IP attorneys, corporate buyers, and venture capitalists. For more information about this sale or other intellectual property sales, please contact IpAuctions by calling (908)-595-2106 or by visiting http://www.ipauctions.com.

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