FlexJobs Identifies 15 Executive-Level Telecommuting Jobs Across Variety of Industries

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Professional telecommuting jobs are available at all career levels, not just entry-level as is often assumed. These 15 telecommuting jobs highlight real opportunities that exist for executives looking for better work flexibility.

“The myth that telecommuting opportunities don’t exist at the highest executive level is finally being dismantled as telecommuting becomes more integrated in regular business practices,” said Sara Sutton Fell, Founder and CEO of FlexJobs.

Nearly two out of three large companies in the U.S. now permit occasional telecommuting, approximately double the number from 2005. 33 percent of major employers allow regular telecommuting and half of the American workforce holds a job compatible with telework. Despite this growth, however, there are still a number of misconceptions about telecommuting, including the notion that telecommuting jobs are not available or appropriate at the executive level. To help shed some light, FlexJobs, the leading service for remote and flexible job opportunities, has identified fifteen executive-level jobs currently posted in its database. Executive-level refers to department head, VP and C-level titles.

“The myth that telecommuting opportunities don’t exist at the highest executive level is finally being dismantled as telecommuting becomes more integrated in regular business practices,” said Sara Sutton Fell, Founder and CEO of FlexJobs. “Director, Vice President, CFO, CEO--these job titles aren’t typically associated with remote work but they do exist. While some C-level executives find it necessary to quit their jobs entirely to make time for their families, we have seen remote executives find better work-life balance without having to give up their entire careers.”

Below are 15 executive-level telecommuting job listings and their respective industries:

1. Vice President of Research--Education
2. Director of Professional Services Operations--Computer Software
3. Senior Vice President of Global Strategic Meeting Management--Travel
4. Vice President of Capital Markets--Financial
5. Executive Director--Non-profit
6. Vice President of Consulting--Market research
7. Director of Program Management--Hospitality
8. Vice President Client Portfolio--Recruiting and Staffing
9. Customer Vice President--Consumer products
10. Director of Network Management--Healthcare
11. Director of Divisional Operations--Veterinary
12. Vice President of Finance--Technology
13. Medical Director--Healthcare
14. Director of Proposal Management--Education
15. Vice President of Academic Content Development--Publishing

Both employers and job seekers can have misconceived notions about working from home. Here are five common myths and the corresponding truths about remote work:

Lie: Telecommuters are usually younger workers with lower education levels performing “unskilled” functions.
Truth: A typical telecommuter is 49 years old, college educated, and in a management or professional role.

Lie: Telecommuting jobs don’t pay well.
Truth: Over 75% of employees who work from home earn over $65,000 per year putting them in the upper 80 percentile of all employees. Overall, telecommuting jobs typically pay in the same ballpark (5-20% range) as compared to a similar job in a traditional office environment, and it’s important to consider the cost savings associated with telecommuting (such as reductions in costs for commute/gas, eating out, dry cleaning, buying work attire, etc.).

Lie: Telecommuting is just an employee perk.
Truth: Telecommuting benefits companies. Companies that allow employees to work from home at least three time per month are more likely to report growth than companies that have more restrictive policies. The average company saves $11,000 per year per telecommuter.

Lie: Telecommuters are slackers.
Truth: Telecommuters are more productive than their office counterparts. An experiment by scholars at Stanford University showed that people working full time from home are 13 percent more efficient than those in the office.

Lie: Telecommuting jobs are only relevant in the computer & IT, data entry and administrative fields.
Truth: Telecommuting jobs are available across a variety of industries and career fields.

For more information, please visit: http://www.flexjobs.com/blog/post/15-executive-level-telecommuting-jobs/

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