Great Sky Solar Completes Abandoned Solar Power Installation

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After original contractor abandons commercial building's solar energy installation, Great Sky Solar steps in and completes the 88-panel project

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Solar panels are a great way for this building to generate its own free electricity and save a lot of money for its tenants, all while allowing it to champion renewable energy on a commercial grade scale.

Great Sky Solar recently completed an 88-panel, commercial-grade solar energy installation that had previously been abandoned by another contractor.

Last winter, the owner of a commercial building (dedicated to providing space for local, independent, artisanal carpenters and furniture makers) contracted and paid for this solar array to be installed on top of the building. However, the original contractors abandoned the project, leaving it half-completed with much of the work improperly performed, explains Katherine Fisher, CEO of Great Sky Solar. The building's owner researched a number of options to finish the work and ultimately settled on Great Sky Solar.

"We inspected the half-finished work and quickly realized much of it just wasn't done properly," Fisher says. "For example, the conduits were not correctly raised off the roof surface with 'stand-offs', which could lead to cracking and breaking due to snow load, wind, and other factors. And the lack of expansion couplings to respond to the extreme temperature swings of New England would have caused cracks and breakage, eventually exposing the internal solar wiring which ultimately could have been a serious fire hazard if the issue was not resolved. At least the panels themselves were in good condition."

The building, located near Sullivan Square in Charlestown, acts as a work space for woodworkers and artists, consuming a great deal of energy as a result. Its owner had turned to solar power as a way to generate free electricity.

"This building is a very power-hungry place where a lot of electrical tools are being used on a constant basis," explained Michael Monroe, Chief Operations Officer. "Solar panels are a great way for this building to generate its own free electricity and save a lot of money for its tenants, all while allowing it to champion renewable energy on a commercial grade scale."

Over the span of two weekends -- only two and a half days in total -- Great Sky Solar's experienced workers were able to complete the project, ensuring the panels were properly installed and up to code. Fisher says the building's owner was overjoyed at the outcome.

"He was positively thrilled and surprised Great Sky Solar was able to tackle the project," Michael continued "Now he can harness renewable energy and help promote the local artists and woodworkers to whom he rents space."

Fisher says this project stands as a testament to Great Sky Solar's uncanny ability to perform the highest quality work while educating people on the benefits of going solar. This is one of Great Sky Solar's largest projects to date.

"For us, this project is a watermark of our continuing ability to impress and educate people about the benefits of solar," she says. "We pride ourselves on being able to properly empower our customers on the inner workings of their new array and how every component of the system works. It's important to find solar companies willing to take time to do that. If not, well -- this is definitely a cautionary tale of what can happen. It's almost better the project was abandoned -- I'd hate to think what would happen in several years if it had been 'completed.'" She continues, "We’re excited to have been able to take this opportunity to support local businesses and are looking forward to taking on more projects of similar nature."

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