Komprehensiv Supports Energy Conservation for the Arizona Summer

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It is said that the future of renewable energy is as much contingent on using less as it is upon innovation

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it is said that the future of renewable energy is as much contingent on using less as it is upon innovation. Although solar panel technology will drive help energy bills down, a surefire way to energy success requires the holistic approach of using less.
First and foremost, running the sink while brushing your teeth is the easiest way to waste water. It is estimated that the amount of water wasted while brushing could fill up Shamoo’s tank in a year’s time. Another useful tip for saving water involves installing water saving showerheads. Some may object that a water saving showerhead will fail to provide the water pressure needed to keep their hair silky smooth. O contraire! Water saving showerheads are designed to maintain water pressure while wasting less water.
But water is not the only element that makes up an energy bill. It may surprise some to learn that appliances can waste a significant amount of energy. Refrigerators are especially prone to energy waste. Some folks crank their refrigerators down to subzero temperatures thinking it will somehow improve the contents of the icebox. But this is a classic case of non sequitur. To paraphrase Aristotle, virtue resides in the mean state. A refrigerator ought to be set between 370 and 400 degrees, and a freezer ought to be set between 00 and 50. Dipping below, or exceeding this temperature will result in higher energy bills and poor tasting food.
Laundry also poses practical energy saving opportunities. Although doing laundry may be a detestable activity for most men, it offers a chance to save money which the male sex of course praises. If you have to do your own laundry, make sure to run only full loads. It’s a logical fallacy to claim that running ten cycles of smaller loads uses the same amount of energy as five larger loads.
“Although we encourage everyone to seek a comprehensive solution to energy, we encourage all homeowners to be practical when dealing with energy. Not only are you saving money, but you’re alleviating stress on mother earth,” said Mike Janzen, partner at Komprehensiv.
Komprehensiv energy combines energy efficiency with solar panel technology to produce reliable, clean, cheap energy. They help promote a greener environment and a greener bank account for their customers. To learn more click here.

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