Top 8 Nastiest Things You Can Spill on Your Laptop

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MicroReplay's Top 8 Gross Spills Removed from Laptops. Cleaned, Fixed and Restored back to working Order!

Tomato Soup Spill

Tomato Soup Spill

It's amazing how quickly damage can develop

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Over the last 10 years MicroReplay, Inc. has repaired thousands of MacBook Pro laptops with liquid damage. In that time, the company has seen every conceivable liquid spilled on, in or around a laptop. “Sure, people spill water, wine and beer all the time, but you would not believe the really nasty things we see,” said company CEO Joseph Kouyoumjian. “It is amazing how fast damage (and bad smells) can develop,” he added.

Given that high-end laptops cost thousands of dollars and the average cost to repair a spill runs between $400 and $600, this is a serious threat that many people are going to encounter. Warranties do not cover this damage and accidental damage policies are expensive and impractical, costing almost as much as the repair itself.

Kouyoumjian advises that if you've spilled liquid on a laptop:
Unplug the laptop and (if possible) remove the battery: Your computer uses electricity even when the main power is off. The presence of that electric current accelerates the corrosive process that damages the circuit boards inside. A spill today may not seem to affect your system right away, but as time goes on and corrosion spreads, the system may fail unexpectedly. Don't delay, Ship it or take it to a qualified repair facility. Getting you laptop cleaned professionally within days can potentially save your computer.

Here are some of the worst spills MicroReplay has encountered:

8. Coffee
Not that gross, but by far the most popular thing to spill on your MacBook and it usually has cream in it (see smoothie spills) Coffee is good for keeping you awake, but will put your MacBook to sleep, permanently.

FACT: #1 Most Common Killer of Laptop Computers is coffee. Perhaps it's because we drink coffee to wake up and sometimes we're still clumsy in the mornings? Perhaps it's because our hands are shaking from all the caffeine? Either way, spilled coffee on laptops is a computer killer. A complex brew of exotic chemicals, caffeine, cafestol, caffeic acid, and myriad additives like dairy cream, powered cream, sugar, Aspartame (Equal), saccharine, sucralose (Splenda), and more. We recommend laptop users drink their coffee black. No sugar means less corrosion.

7. Diet Coke and Mentos
Next time you do a 7th grade science experiment to post on YouTube, you might want to consider doing it from a safer distance there, spud! Rain gear for the MacBook is mandatory. Coke drinkers seem to spill a lot of drinks on their laptops. Perhaps it's the caffeine? Soft drinks are extra-corrosive due to the sugar and acidity (dissolved CO2) of the liquid, which we are told works well in cleaning rust off of bicycle wheel rims

6. Roaches (a reverse spill incident)
They may check in, but they don’t check out, until that is you open the bottom of the Macbook and they spill out. Yes it is true, they love warm spaces. Even Indiana Jones would be impressed.... “Roaches...why did it have to be roaches? I hate roaches”....

5. Cream of Tomato soup
This may not sound too bad, but remember when it starts to set, it gets a little crunchy on the edges and sticky in the center ...just nasty.

4. Smoothie
Yogurt, milk, tofu... unrefrigerated for days or weeks. Have you ever smelled yogurt that has been sitting at room temperature for a couple weeks? 'Nuff said.

3. Vomit
Yes, disgusting, but it happens all the time! Bile is not good for your computer!
There is a theory that vomiting is a herd defense mechanism. The smell of vomit will make the entire herd begin to vomit in order to purge whatever was ingested that may be poisonous.

2. Cat Urine
I don't know about you, but my cat seems to enjoy pacing in front of my screen as I attempt to type. When I'm not home she gets expressive and my computer may get uh, damp. Most cat owners have a theory that they do this because they are angry at them. We have it from a reliable source: They're jealous of the mouse!

1. Clam Chowder
Then there is New England clam chowder - or "a chowdah spill" as we say (while exhibiting a tight smile pronouncing the word "spill"). Let us say together: "I spilled chowdah on my MacBook while paaaaahking the caaaah in Hahvid yaaaahd." Also, "I dropped my MacBook in Quincy Maaash.

Which smell is worse, spoiled cream or spoiled clams? It generally takes a few days or longer for us to receive the unit for repair, it is nasty for sure!!! Again, a spill today may not seem to affect your system right away, but as time goes on and corrosion spreads, the system may fail unexpectedly. Don't delay, Ship it or take it to a qualified repair facility as soon as you can. Getting your laptop cleaned professionally within days can potentially save your computer.

About MicroReplay, Inc. (
MicroReplay provides complete mail-in laptop computer repair services for Apple MacBooks and other laptop computers, including bona fide component-level repair of failed and damaged logic boards, difficult to fix liquid spills and tough abuse cases such as dropped/immersed systems and broken laptop screens. MicroReplay offers the best service using knowledge developed from over 24 years of experience in the industry. Using the-highest quality parts, highly-skilled technicians, and the latest test and repair equipment, MicroReplay diagnoses and repairs even the most difficult problems, including those which others have said cannot be fixed. The company serves all types of customers, from individuals to large companies to schools and institutions of all sizes. MicroReplay is located in Billerica, Massachusetts and can be reached at: 978-262-1340 amead(at)microreplay(dot)com.

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