212 Degrees Fahrenheit Creates Cost-effective TV Commercial Advertising Model for Internet Retailers that Lowers Customer Acquisition Costs

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Internet Retailers are able to get a TV commercial produced and a multi-week national media buy for up to 70% off general market rates

the average acquisition cost from a TV lead is thirty to sixty percent less than digital advertising

Internet retailers are beginning to leverage TV commercial advertising to drive customers to their websites and apps, and 212 Degrees Fahrenheit has created a cost-effective TV advertising campaign specifically for web based companies. Dot com companies selling everything from apparel, to business to business services, to gaming apps, to online dating will be able to get a TV commercial produced, and receive a multiple week national media buy for up to 70% off general market rates. Companies like Vistaprint, Legalzoom, JustFab.com, Draft Kings, Gazelle and CustomInk are but a couple examples of online based companies using television to increase sales, with more trying TV everyday.

'Our drive to web campaigns include work for USAA, Identity Guard, Capital One, InfoFree, Chevrolet and the Marine Corps, to name a few' says Michael Pierce, founder of 212 Degrees Fahrenheit – the Irvine, California based video production company that specializes in creating TV commercials for internet retailers. ‘The cost to be on television is a lot less than digital marketers realize, and when they see that the average acquisition cost from a TV lead is thirty to sixty percent less than digital advertising, they realize TV is worth a try’. Tim O’Brien, Partner at Cesari Direct, the Seattle based advertising agency that has leveraged direct response to build brands such as OxiClean, GoPro and the George Foreman grill, adds ‘direct response media buying techniques are not that different than digital marketing strategies, and that surprises a lot of digital marketers. Many of them are unaware that TV audiences can be targeted by age, demographic, income levels, gender…just like display and PPC campaigns. When they discover that channel audiences sizes are in the tens of millions per each airing, the need to test TV becomes obvious. When they learn that we can provide reporting on lead attribution from TV, it becomes a must try’.

Paul Rothstein of PCR Marketing, a company that specializes in multi-channel direct response marketing, explains further. ‘Direct response has changed over the last decade. It’s not just about selling $19.95 widgets anymore. Companies and agencies are seeking better customer acquisition costs and a way to calculate the ROI of their advertising dollars. DRTV provides all that and it’s not just about the low costs to try DRTV, it’s also about making sure your media is creating profit. There are very large and successful companies using both TV commercials and half hour infomercials to significantly lower their lead costs while discovering a new funnel of revenue. The added bonus is that DRTV also uplifts their SEO, retail and social media efforts. DRTV is truly a multi-channel lead generator.

One of the perceived barriers to entry for advertising is the false notion that doing a TV commercial and media buying is going to break the bank. ‘We hear that all the time’ say Pierce. ‘Everyone equates TV advertising to the costs of a Super Bowl ad. Most companies are very surprised to learn that we can create a TV commercial and get them a 4 week national media buy for less than what they spend for two weeks of paid online ads’. Tim O’Brien explains further, ‘when Cesari Direct buys media, it gets 30-70% off network rate cards, but that doesn’t mean the placements are in bad time slots or on bad programs. Our clients run commercials on very popular shows, in prime time hours and are regularly sandwiched between million dollar beer and car commercials’. ‘There is also a pricing stability on DRTV media buying’ adds Rothstein. ‘PPC or display ads may be $20 per click now, but over time, that price is going to greatly escalate as it becomes more competitive. DRTV media buying rates haven’t changed much year to year, providing marketers a much more reliable model for long-term growth’.

In an age of digital marketing, TV surprisingly remains the most cost effective way to reach the masses, and its ability to instantly deliver millions of impressions and leads remains unparalleled. Its capacity to drive multi-channel revenue is no longer in question and the addition of lead attribution software allows digital marketers to measure return on investment in the same fashion as display or PPC campaigns. That is exciting news for a medium many considered ‘over’.

For more information, please contact Michael Pierce of 212 Degrees Fahrenheit.

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