If DISASTER MASTERS (R) are the solution, what is the problem?

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‘Consumer's Ignorance!.. Ron Alford, Founder Disaster Masters (R) 1980 provides tips on navigating through an insurance claim through his "Top 10 Rules for Playing the Insurance Claim Game:" http://ronalford.theplan.com//rules.htm

If THE DISASTER MASTERS is the solution, then what is the problem?

Ron Alford, Founder of "Disaster Masters" (R) 1980, said recently, "Consumers' ignorance is the tool insurance companies use to confound consumers about "low" cost insurance. The victim of accidents and disasters expects the insurer to help them recover their losses, but their ignorance in purchasing less than adequate coverage can cause much remorse after the fact.

Summer storms, tornados and soon Hurricanes are imminent, yet consumers' ignorance on disaster and car accident recovery is rampant across North America", Says Ron Alford. “Car and home insurance companies are counting on consumers' ignorance, concerning the claim process, to profit at the expense of the consumers' dollars, stress and time.”

Alford regrets that there is no high school, college or university that teaches a simple class on "Risk Financing” or "Accident And Disaster Recovery Management." Therefore, victims learn hard lessons at the worst possible time and under substantial stress. However, there are thousands of classes on how to become an insurance Sales Agent!

Stephen Elliott, a freelance writer on consumers' issues from Limerick, Ireland says ... “On both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, consumers have been trained, but never educated, when it comes to the financing of accidents and disaster recovery matters.” Saving money on car or home insurance is tantamount to buying a discount parachute with no instructions and maybe a few parts missing.”

Alford asks the question, "What is Risk Financing?" and then answers it with the fact that "Risk Financing is actually the hard money side of insurance, which is a convenient word that insurers use to confuse and control consumers. Insurers and their Agents' only business is to induce consumers to pay them premiums (also known as cash or money) for protection, peace of mind, security and other platitudes such as saving money on car and home insurance."

He continues with, "The Risk Financing Industry (insurance companies) spends over 6 billion dollars in advertising annually, competing to lure consumers into saving money with their company. Competition between insurers is vicious, since they all want the consumer's dollars, and therefore use 'low price' and 'save you money' enticements in their ads in order to get and keep your dollars. Sadly, this is how the Claim Game works."

"So what is the consumers' problem?" Alford asks. "It is simply ignorance about the Claim Process! Not one insurance contract (aka, policy) is issued with clear instructions on how to collect large sums of money from the insurer, other than to call them for advice. What is even worse, is that these legal Contracts (policies) of Insurance (promises to pay) are rarely read or understood until after the disaster. As helpful as learning to swim after the boat sinks."

He responds to the question of why this is...with, "Insurers are in the 'money' business, and are not educating or helping victims recover from automobile accidents, personal injury, house fires, tornadoes or water damage; especially super storms like Sandy, Katrina, and Andrew. Insurers are in the 'cash flow management' business which is similar to a bank.... or, insurers are simply bankers with a different title. Make no mistake, insurance companies are in the game to make money, and this is their bottom line. The less paid back to the victim, represents more profit for them!"

"When accident and disaster victims suffer a financial loss, they are usually under stress and have neither a clue nor the wherewithal to efficiently recover their property, lives and finances. Their only option is to call a Sales Agent or an insurer’s toll free claim number for help and advice. When a victim's only choice is to call the people who owe the victim money, the victim is calling an adversary for help," Alford continues.

Alford states, "Little do victims realize that Insurer's Claim Game is minimizing the ultimate cost of the claim by using every method they can to protect their cash flow, not the victims. To this end, even though it is illegal in most states, insurers systematically steer victims into using their 'preferred vendors'. These vendors never become 'preferred' because they provide first class or high quality restoration services. On the contrary, in far too many cases the vendors are hungry contractors or novice franchises who will accept whatever the insurer will pay. Again, ignorant victims have no idea about the dark side of the insurance industry: The Claim!"

"In far too many cases," he continues, "Insurers will steer victims to a franchise operation that may be a new dealer and has a minimum of training in that business. Collision repair companies are generally certified because they will agree to use lower quality, phony or imitation parts and discount labor to fix-up, not renew, a victim's Cadillac, BMW, Mercedes, Ford, etc. Good for insurers, not for consumers."

So what is the solution for the 300 million Insurance consumers in North America who must insure their autos, homes and business? “Don't Buy Insurance until you understand the claim process,” is Alford's plea to consumers.

Alford has created the "Top 10 Rules for Playing the Insurance Claim Game:" http://ronalford.theplan.com//rules.htm

He says, "When a consumer's vehicle is wrecked, or their kitchen is on fire, the victims will never think about how much money they saved with their discount insurer. Their only question will be “How am I going to survive this disaster, and how long is it going to take me to recover my property, my life and my finances?"

“Get educated, and not trained," says Ron. For example: Bankers will not lend money until they do a credit report. It is also that way with the insurer. It does not matter how much money any insurer has, it is how they manage claimants to protect the company's money." http://www.theqii.org. The Quality Information Institute serves the consumer’s interest.

Listen carefully to the knowledgeable and unbiased information that Ron Alford has to offer. Alford has been on both sides of what he calls “The Grief Industry” since 1970. He created Disaster Masters® C in 1980, as well as being a noted Author, Speaker, Coach, and Consultant who has managed over 13,000 insurance related recoveries.

Remember, the insurance companies are counting on consumer’s ignorance. It makes them very wealthy. Alford’s books are simple and easy to understand and are available on Amazon as an E book. http://tinyurl.com/q5vuzxg. Ron Alford's "The Disaster Masters" will educate the unknowledgeable to understanding more about the insurance Claim Game than those who sell it.

http://www.amazon.com/Ron-Alford/e/B000APEEYS/ref=dp_byline_cont_pop_book_1 How to Win the Insurance Claim Game

1-800-TheClaim. This is the toll free number where you can reach Alford as well as other Subject Matter experts, such as qualified contractors, auto damage experts, attorneys, etc. who work exclusively for victims.... not for the insurers who want to save money at the expense of a victims valuable time and dollars.

About Ron Alford. Alford created Disaster Masters in 1980 to service victims of wind, water, fire damage in NYC. Over the years, he has managed over 13,000 insurance related recoveries. Today Alford provides Disaster Prevention Audits because he knows where the DISASTER SEEDS (TM) are located in structures and organizations.

Alford’s favorite talks:
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To retain Ron Alford to speak to your organization; consult with your firm on marketing; for professional services or to interview him on your radio or TV program please contact:
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