PourMyBeer Partners with Brazilian Entrepreneurs to Bring their Beer Technology to South America

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The self-serve beer & wine revolution continues to gain International momentum. Brazilian breweries will be utilizing this technology to sell draft beer more efficiently than ever before, while gaining valuable consumption data.

Brazil Ranks 3rd in the World in total beer consumption

We saw the success of this technology in the United States and the growth of the industry leader in this space. We invested in building the infrastructure for our business to support the amount of orders we are already taking.

A guy walks into a busy bar and doesn’t feel like waiting for someone to pour his beer, so he finds a self-serve tap and pours it himself… Wait, what? That’s not the norm yet, but with over 30 locations across the United States scheduled to implement PourMyBeer’s self-serve beer wall and beer table technology in the coming months, it soon will be. This innovative method of dispense is a win/ win for everyone involved. The customers win because they don’t have to wait for service and can sample and taste beers from any of the self-serve taps in the bar or restaurant. The owners win because they are taking the possibility of poor service out of the equation. They are also selling every ounce of beer that is dispensed from their kegs vs. losing 23% (the national average for spillage from kegs) of their inventory due to inefficiencies like waste, theft and spillage. Lastly, with the sampling capabilities of the system, increased sampling of a variety of beers is now a reality without having to give it away. The proprietary high definition touch screens above every tap display tasting notes, alcohol content and a short and long description about each libation.

The people of Brazil can thank Nilson Medeiros and Cesar Medeiros for brining self-serve beer to the masses in South America with PourMyBeerBrasil. Brazil ranks 3rd in the World with over 12,000 mega liters or over two hundred million 15.5 gallon kegs. That is a lot of beer and a lot of opportunity for these two business men. Nilson Medeiros commented on their strategy, “We saw the success of this technology in the United States and the growth of the industry leader in this space. We invested in building the infrastructure for our business to support the amount of orders we are already taking as well as expect to take over the next 90 days." He added, "The laws in the U.S. regarding liquor control in each State are more regulated than ours in Brasil, which means there's one less barrier we have to deal with here." The U.S. also has a 3 tier sales model between the breweries that make the beer and the venues that sell the beer, preventing the breweries in the United States from selling directly to or paying for equipment that dispenses their brands in bars, restaurants, hotels and stadiums. Breweries in Brazil sell directly to those venues as well as support them in a number of ways, one of those ways is by providing them with new and innovative ways to dispense their brands and educate Brazilian consumers about their brands.

The team at PourMyBeer is responsible for more sales and installations of self-serve beer systems than all the companies in the World combined who sell or install similar systems. That is a powerful statistic that is hard to ignore. It says a lot about the group of people involved with PourMyBeer as well as the evolution of the technology in their 6 years of leading the industry. Director of Sales and International Expansion, Roman Maliszewski, commented on their latest partnership, “I spent a year of my life traveling the globe and Brazil is one of those parts of the World that everyone should experience in their lifetime. We’ve received dozens of requests from possible partners in Brazil and after extensive interviews, reviewing their proven track record of success and a number of strategy calls, we felt that Nilson and Cesar were best positioned for success in growing the brand in Brazil.” With distribution contracts in Europe and Australia secured, Innovative Tap Solutions, doing business as PourMyBeer is positioned for success on an International level. Founder and CEO, Josh Goodman added, “It all starts with having great people on our team with a defined goal, then you add a world class product and the right processes and it really gets exciting. We feel we have a business we can scale and are preparing to expand rapidly over the next 12 - 18 months.” Self-serve beer, wine, coffee and mixed drinks are the future of the hospitality industry and Innovative Tap Solutions is taking the steps necessary to keep up with that demand and stay ahead of the pack.

http://www.pourmybeer.com is an Innovative Tap Solutions Company. The company was formed in 2009 and made the first commercial mobile self-serve beer tables in the US. It also sells and distributes fixed beer walls, mobile beer walls, fixed draft beer tables and mobile draft self-serve tables. All mobile equipment is made in the USA. Contact sales (at) pourmybeer (dot) com or call 267-323-1100

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