Dental Experts Have Created a Test to Age-Assess Your Smile

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New survey from UltraDEX reveals that in the UK our smile is officially our beauty blind spot. While 89% of people think that bad teeth can make a person look older, 40% of people admitted that they have never considered whether their smile could be ageing them.

A good dental regime, including using the right products, is key to age-protecting your mouth, and keeping your smile looking young and healthy

It's clear that healthy eating and exercise are important to stay young and people spend millions on anti-ageing skincare products, but UltraDEX have worked with leading dentists who say that often people overlook how their ageing teeth impact how well they look, and they have come up with an ageing assessment.

What happens to teeth as we age?
Everyday wear and tear and the natural ageing process takes a toll on teeth and gums, given all the chewing, crunching, biting and gnashing they do.

Contrary to what many people assume, teeth do not necessarily become more brittle with age, but tiny flaws, chips and cracks develop on our teeth over time. Stains appear where there is organic build-up of plaque, enamel erodes, gums recede and teeth can shift as a result of bone loss. The risk of gum problems increase with age as pockets form at the gum line where bacteria can grow. Sugary and starchy foods and carbonated sugary drinks are some of the biggest threats to teeth, as carbohydrates ferment, causing the bacteria in the mouth to produce enamel eating acids.

Leading dentist Mervyn Druian says: “As a dentist when I examine a patient’s mouth I am looking for key factors that both indicate the overall health and assess the wear and tear, the ageing of the mouth. Gums that are red looking and inflamed or have pockets, greying teeth that may be showing signs of small cracks, decay or abrasion are all warning signs that your mouth may be ageing faster than it should. A good dental regime, including using the right products, is key to age-protecting your mouth, and keeping your smile looking young and healthy.”

The best way to control ageing teeth and subsequent problems is prevention. Sounds obvious, but it's true. Healthy teeth can immediately make a person look younger and more attractive. How old is your mouth? Find out by taking the test today:

To help age protect a smile, it is important to follow a comprehensive oral health regime. The UltraDEX Recalcifying & Whitening range is a breakthrough in anti-ageing technology, the first-of-its-kind, a protect-restore-eliminate formula that leaves teeth more resistant, smoother, brighter and younger looking. The British brand is leading the anti-ageing oral care sector and calling for the nation to “age protect” their mouth.

Developed in conjunction with Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, the UltraDEX Recalcifying & Whitening Toothpaste and Oral Rinse use a patented formulation. They are two of the most advanced products on the market; and the only products that remove unwanted bacteria, stains and odour causing compounds from the mouth and simultaneously recalcify tooth enamel.

The powerful combination of stabilised chlorine dioxide, fluoride and hydroxyapatite creates the optimal environment for strong, healthy teeth and remineralisation. Professor Robert Hill from Queen Mary University London explains: “Smart and safe chemistry is at work in the mouth when using these products. The mineral fluorapatite crystalises onto the surface of the tooth. Fluorapatite is an important part of tooth enamel. To put it into context, chalk dissolves in acid, fluorapatite does not.”

Step 1: The iQ+ ActiveOxi Technology® (Stabilised Chlorine Dioxide and Fluoride) within UltraDEX instantly eliminates odour-causing compounds and unwanted bacteria to help prevent tooth decay, plaque and gum problems. It also and brings back the natural colour of the teeth by gently oxidising organic stains.

Step 2: The SensiShield® technology (with hydroxyapatite - the key building block of teeth) provides a strong and protective enamel shield and recalcifies tooth surfaces by filling in the microscopic enamel cracks, blocking exposed dental tubules and restoring the natural whiteness of teeth. This leaves teeth smoother, brighter, less likely to stain and protects them from acidic food and drink.

35% of people said that a nice smile is the first thing they notice about someone, so considering how much time and money people tend to spend on skincare, fragrances, and hair products, perhaps an oral care routine upgrade is all that’s needed to protect and perfect that smile. Find out more at:

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