2015 Top Ten Best Industries for Lawyers' Salaries in the U.S.

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Pinpoint Salary has recently completed analysis of how laywer salaries compare among over 1,000 U.S. industries and the Offices of Physicians industry ranks highest.

Pinpoint Salary®, a leading employment research firm, has recently completed analysis of how salaries compare among over 1,000 U.S. industries. The difference in salaries for lawyers can vary by nearly two times as much from one industry to another.            

The 2015 Top Ten highest average salaries amongst all 1,000+ Pinpoint Salary Industries for lawyers in the U.S. are:                            

1) Offices of Physicians Industry (NAICS 62111) ($235,020)                 
2) Resin and Synthetic Rubber Manufacturing Industry (NAICS 32521) ($202,010)         
3) Securities Brokerage Industry (NAICS 52312) ($198,990)                 
4) Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Web Search Portals Industry (NAICS 51913) ($198,910)     
5) Petroleum Refineries Industry (NAICS 32411) ($196,850)                 
6) Wholesale Trade Agents and Brokers Industry (NAICS 42512) ($195,980)             
7) Beer and Ale Merchant Wholesalers Industry (NAICS 42481) ($195,700)             
8) Electrical Equipment Manufacturing Industry (NAICS 33531) ($191,560)             
9) Television Broadcasting Industry (NAICS 51512) ($191,210)                 
10) Cable and Other Subscription Programming Industry (NAICS 51521) ($190,780)         

Salaries for Lawyers in the                         
U.S. Offices of Physicians industry can vary greatly by level of experience:            

  • Entry-Level experience - $189,636                        
  • Intermediate Level experience - $235,020                    
  • Senior Level experience - $285,627                        

Another factor that can impact salaries of Lawyers in the                 
U.S. Offices of Physicians industry is years of experience:                

  • Less than 1 year of experience - $164,074                    
  • 1 to 4 years of experience - $183,045                        
  • 5 to 9 years of experience - $235,020                        
  • 10 to 19 years of experience - $281,050                    
  • More than 20 years of experience - $308,868                    

1,000 Industries                            

Why would there be such a large difference in salaries between industries for the same position and years experience? Some industries require more expertise in positions than others. For example, lawyers in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry are paid far more than lawyers in service or retail industries for a few reasons:

1) Lawsuits against pharmaceutical manufacturers is more common than other industries.

These potential law suits create major expenses in insurance and legal fees so high quality lawyers who can minimize these expenses and have a track record of legal victories can demand a higher salary.

2) Lawyers who specialize in areas of law that are common for the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry (and not other industries) such as malpractice, patent law and class action lawsuits can negotiate a higher salary.

Why Pinpoint Salary Is Important For You                    
Job seekers can use the Pinpoint Salary data to 1) measure whether the offered salary for a potential job is a competitive salary and 2) present your potential employer with third-party data to negotiate a more competitive salary.                            

Employers and Human Resources personnel can use Pinpoint Salary data to 1) properly price each job title at their company and 2) present employees with third-party data to justify the salary they are offered during negotiations.                        

Currently employed employees can use the Pinpoint Salary data to 1) re-evaluate their current    salary during employee reviews and 2) decide whether to look for other employment with more competitive salaries.                                    

About Pinpoint Salary                        
Pinpoint Salary®, a division of Barnes Reports, is a leading employment research firm featuring databases on salary data for over 3,000 job titles by 1,000+ industries and 32,000+ zip codes.    

The free and retail reports on Pinpoint Salary stand out as the best in the industry and here's why:    

1) The Most Recent                            
Pinpoint Salary data is updated monthly based on labor market forces, such as regional unemployment rates and inflation rates. Pinpoint Salary is the only salary database that takes into account current labor market forces which continually change salaries and bonuses. For example, in a tighter labor market when unemployment rates are lower, salaries and bonuses will increase.                    

2) The Largest Database                        
Pinpoint Salary is based on the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Employment Statistics.     
The OES surveys 400,000 establishments annually, the largest and most robust salary survey in the United States.
The database covers 135 million workers in the U.S. labor force and over 3,000 job titles. Pinpoint Salary uses the OES database and applies our proprietary economic model to increase the timely effects on salaries, industry performance effects and most specific regional area.                

3) The Best Features                            
Pinpoint Salary contains many unique features that other salary databases do not.         
1) The database calculates year-to-year change in salary so that clients can see if salaries for job titles in industries and/or areas have increased or decreased.                
2) Salary data is also calculated by the most influential factors, such as experience level, size of company, years of experience, industry, location, and union vs. non-union.                
3) Additional data is provided such as salary by percentile, bonus data and hourly wage data.                        

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