Diet Doc Addresses the Ability of Food, Exercise and Weight Loss to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

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Studies indicate that 75% of American men avoid treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) due to embarrassment, social stigma and the high cost of medications. But, with new studies suggesting that diet and exercise can improve this disorder, more and more men are turning to Diet Doc

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Now, men in any part of the country can lose weight, improve their health and reduce their risk of developing erectile dysfunction from the comfort and privacy of their own home.

Diet Doc understands that erectile dysfunction comes at a great expense, both physically and emotionally. And, although this sexual dysfunction typically signifies an issue encountered by older men, it affects many younger men as well. Studies indicate, however, that embarrassment, as well as the high cost of medication to treat ED, deters many men from seeking treatment.

There are a number of causes for erectile dysfunction, including stress, depression, hormonal imbalances, etc., but the most common cause is atherosclerosis, or hardening and narrowing of arteries due to blockages caused by poor diet contributing to cholesterol deposits. Many experts believe that of all of the alternatives offered to treat ED, the healthiest and most cost effective is diet and exercise. For this reason, Diet Doc has developed specialized diet plans that enable men of all ages to take control of their health and to address embarrassing issues, such as erectile dysfunction, comfortably and privately within their own home.

An erection occurs when blood vessels that supply the penis dilate, allowing a rush of blood into the area. High pressure then traps the blood, causing the penis to expand and sustain an erection. Atherosclerosis restricts the flow of blood and not only causes erectile dysfunction, but also affects the heart and all the blood vessels in the body.

A 2014 study performed by the University of Adelaide and published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, indicates that obesity, high alcohol intake, smoking, and lack of physical activity are identified as major risk factors for ED, as well as a number of other health conditions. The study also suggests that it is possible to reverse ED when patients commit to a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise. Another study performed by the Harvard Medical School found that, aside from the inherent health problems posed by these risk factors, ED is closely linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. According to both reports, the risk factors for ED can be controlled through weight loss, a balanced diet and regular, moderate exercise. Five lifestyle changes are suggested to improve health and reverse erectile dysfunction which include:

  •     Lose excess weight and eat a balanced diet because food directly impacts this condition.
  •     Exercise – One half hour of moderate walking everyday can reduce the risk for ED by approximately 40%. However, to effectively reverse ED, patients must engage in regular cardiovascular and strength training exercises to improve blood flow.
  •     Maintain a Regular Sleeping Schedule – To ensure the regular release of testosterone, a consistent sleeping schedule is key.
  •     Stop smoking and limit alcohol use - Smoking narrows and blocks blood vessels that supply the penis while alcohol suppresses the release of chemicals that are necessary for an erection.
  •     Maintain a healthy heart by controlling cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar and blood pressure.

Because the experts at Diet Doc understand the embarrassment associated with ED, they have developed medical weight loss programs that provide their patients with unlimited access to a team of specially trained doctors, nurses and nutritionists through Telemedicine, enabling their patients to lose weight within the privacy and comfort of their own home. The staff is skilled at developing diet plans for people of all ages, genders, sizes and shapes that keep the body operating like a well-oiled machine while burning fat at an amazing pace.

The combination of nutritional science and the most modern medical understanding has enabled the team to create diet plans that are specific to each patient’s personal nutritional, lifestyle and medical needs. During an initial online doctor consultation, the entire system is reviewed and health history and medical conditions discussed before prescribing the best treatment for each man. Meal and snack plans that are easy to follow and compatible with each man’s food preferences, age, medical conditions and activity level are designed using the company’s own algorithm. For weight loss at an even greater pace, qualified patients may choose to add one or more of Diet Doc’s pure, prescription diet products that actually seek out stored fat in the hard to reach areas to be released into the bloodstream, used for energy and quickly flushed from the system, while controlling hunger, cravings and fatigue during dieting.

And, because the staff is committed to the safe and successful weight loss journey of each patient, they monitor progress throughout via scheduled weekly checkup calls. And, for added convenience, all prescription diet products can be reordered via the phone or internet for immediate and direct home delivery.

Diet Doc has revolutionized the weight loss industry, becoming a nationally recognized leader and urge those who are ready to improve their health and reduce their risk of weight-induced conditions to call today to schedule a private, no-cost consultation.

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