Do STD Infections Have Anything to Do with How Many Sex Partners You Have Had?

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On June 25, members on ( started a heated discussion on a hot topic: Do STD infections have anything to do with how many sex partners people have had?

There are many factors that increase the risk of contracting STDs. Some of them are: poor sexual health, impoverished knowledge of transmission, lack of sexual education, improper methods of protection, infected health products such as needles, and multiple sexual partners. Today though, the problem is whether multiple sexual partners automatically translate into a higher risk of acquiring an STD.

There are two strong arguments pertinent to this issue. One side warns everyone about having multiple sexual engagements and the other side says limiting yourself to just a couple sexual engagements is no guarantee if you are ignorant on who those partners are. This latter point will be emphasized and brought up again since it is vital.

If a person has multiple sexual partners, it’s easy to believe that the risk of acquiring an STD may also increase. Several success stories of individuals with STDs who’ve found friends, companions, and life partners through, however, seem to suggest that it’s not right to generalize the situation since a large proportion of STD contractions happen from infected needles and a sheer lack of sexual knowledge.

According to the studies conducted by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), approximately 19 million people are infected with a sexually transmitted disease every year. From a mathematical probability alone, it follows that the more sexual partners you have, the more you expose yourself to the risk of attaining an STD.

But there is more to this debate. Members within the community at also shared their own stories, stating how they contracted herpes or other STDs from their first, maybe second partners. A lower number of partners, thus, might not necessarily guarantee a decreased risk of infection as already suggested. Instead, knowledge of sexual partners might be more beneficial, along with the implementation of safe sex practices.

While both camps have their positives and negatives, the answer lies perhaps in not how many partners one has, but their knowledge of their sexual partners. This does not mean that one should have as many sexual encounters as possible. Not at all. The point here also is not to insinuate that having just a couple sexual partners will guarantee that you will never catch an STD. Knowledge is the key! The more you know about the person you are interested in the better off you should be.

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