Skin Guru Shares Celebrity FACE Secrets For Summer-Proofing The Skin

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Holly CaSaroll, founder and CEO of FACE Skincare Medical Wellness, an award-winning beauty and wellness destination, offers tips for looking younger by avoiding photo aging.

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Celebrities have many skincare secrets, and skin expert, Holly CaSaroll details how to become a perfect ten and have flawless skin all summer long and beyond. People don’t have to be famous to have fabulous skin. CaSaroll suggests anyone can take 10 simple steps to slow the aging process, maintain an even skin tone, avoid breakouts, and take skin health and wellness to a new level.

1. Exfoliate
Using non-chemical exfoliates like the Clarisonic brush is great for the summer. Have the right brush head, and don’t overdo it. Other options are enzymes, and light acids (night only), used a few times a week. These can help remove dead cell buildup in the skin, and give you a healthy star quality glow.

2. Use Salicylic Acid
This super star ingredient can help everything from blackheads, oil, and breakouts; great for all skin types, but the percentage is lower for dry skin. Apply once a day all over.

3. Apply a Lightening Agent
When a person is exposed to the sun, it can cause darkening of your sunspots, freckles, and acne pigmentation tremendously, which all can lead to an uneven, dull complexion, as well as aging and cancer. Lighteners help suppress your melanocytes, so use twice a day.

4. Use High dose Antioxidants Vitamin C
Photo-damage created by the sun is the number-one cause of pre-mature skin aging and skin cancer. Sunscreens overall only block 55% of the free radicals generated by UV exposure, so antioxidants are a must.

5. Be Diligent with SPF
Many people don’t realize that even while driving a car, the UV rays from the sun that penetrates windows can be damaging. Discolorations (pigmentation) in the skin, wrinkles, accelerated aging, broken capillaries, skin cancers; immune suppression and dehydration are just some of the potential negatives associated with unprotected sun exposure. Sensitive skin should have an SPF with pharmaceutical grade Zinc, as it is anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory.

6. Try Sunless Tanning
All can look better with a little color, so it is imperative to get the look without all the damage. Bronzers are a great way to go if you are doing laser treatments throughout the summer. Self-tanners are a good choice for those who want their artificial tan to last a week or so.

7. Drink Water
Even when one is on the go, don’t forget the H20! In order for the collagen to grow effectively, a person needs hydrated cells. Drink a minimum of half the body weight in ounces per day. If a person starts to sweat, or drink caffeine one will need to add more water.

8. Explore Laser Genesis Treatments
This is actually a very comfortable laser that will airbrush the skin without the downtime of other treatments. A person will notice improved texture, reduced pore size, less lines and decreased redness.

9. Explore Laser Genesis Treatments
Enzymes are a great way to get great resurfacing without the sun sensitizing chemicals in traditional peels, and one will not need to worry about downtime.

10. Discover Medical LED Treatments
These Medical Light Emitting Diodes treatments are 100x stronger than other LED’s on the market, and they help to build collagen and elastin, as well as are anti-inflammatory.

CaSaroll notes the easiest way to protect your skin during the summer is to enjoy the great indoors between the hours of noon and 4 p.m. There are countless ways to get sun kissed good looks today without putting your skin in harm’s way. So celebrate summer like the celebrities do, say goodbye to broiling in baby oil and hello to FACE’s cool top 10 skin saving tips.

To learn more about these advanced facial treatments call 248-663-0161.

About FACE Skincare~Medical~Wellness: FACE is a multi-award winning beauty and wellness clinic that has been providing successful innovative solutions to skin conditions for over a decade. Founded by skin expert, Holly CaSaroll, FACE offers 24 laser and facial machines, liquid face lifts and body makeovers. Over 17 years ago, CaSaroll rebuilt her own skin, disfigured from cystic acne, and has since created one of the most extensive clinics around. CaSaroll is a go-to skin guru and has been featured on TV and a bevy of publications. She currently pens a monthly column in “My Magazine,” titled “Ask the Expert.” Their Skin Management Experts™ specialize in non-invasive therapies using their unique 3D Face Therapy™ approach to healing skin that accelerates results from a cellular level. Her wellness division, headed by Dr. Doug Cutler, a Licensed Naturopathic Physician, finds the root cause of imbalances in the body to create overall well-being from the inside out. To see what FACE can do for you, please visit

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