KeepMyContact: Smart New App Seamlessly and Instantly Synchronizes Contact Records- Provides Users with Control Over Contact Info and Keeps Personal Networks in Order

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KeepMyContact (KMC), a well-designed new application to manage one’s contacts through a cloud-based network, is set to ease the burden and challenges of maintaining today’s modern, virtual address books – while offering privacy and security. Public launch is July 9, 2015 at 9:00am PST.

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KMC is poised to radically change the way people use technology to keep their contacts up to date. Provides users with control over their contact info and keeps their personal networks in order.

We believe that the way we currently keep contacts in address books should be reversed,” said Martin Siwy, founder and CEO of KeepMyContact. "... an individual should have full control over how their contact appears in others' address books.

KeepMyContact provides users with control over their contact information on mobile address books and keeps their personal networks in order. With intuitive and forward-thinking features, KMC performs above and beyond the typical contact app for consumers and enterprise platform users: it organizes, synchronizes and updates in real-time. Innovative and exclusive features will help enhance the relationships between contact networks and their members, as well as enhance the valuable means of real-time contact in regular day-to-day life.

Organized for Easy Use – KeepMyContact’s platform offers a simple, user-friendly environment that enables people to effortlessly sign up and manage their contacts. All data is securely backed up into the cloud, allowing subscribers to access their contacts from multiple devices including KMC’s web application.

Contact updates are automatically synced within the subscriber’s network and on all mobile devices. Utilizing various network groups for industries or large-scale organizations, a change in any information from one party is synced instantly across the entire network. Users will never have to rebuild their address books of business associates and friends. Coworkers and leads won’t lose touch. All the information will stay up-to-date and accurate. A KMC icon appears on records, indicating who the user is connected with via KMC, and the user can easily apply filters (tags) to organize and categorize all contacts in their KMC address book. A user can easily decide if he or she wishes to appear or be deleted from another user’s address book. “We believe that the way we currently keep contacts in address books should be reversed,” said Martin Siwy, founder and CEO of KeepMyContact. “You shouldn’t depend on someone else to type in your contact information. We also believe that an individual should have full control over how their contact appears in others’ address books – as well as sometimes be able to remove themselves from someone’s address book.”

Feature Highlights and examples make KeepMyContact unique:

Changed Contact Info Sync: Usually when people change their direct profile information, their entire list of contacts can lose touch if they are not notified of the new contact information. (It could be as simple as a changed phone number.) Instead of having to deal with this troublesome issue, the KeepMyContact app will automatically alter the subscriber’s entire network of information to update the user’s new information (i.e. telephone number). Members in the subscriber’s group or network won’t even have to know that the number changed! If users ever want to see what connections were updated, they simply click on “Recent Activities” in their app.

Manage KMC through Web Application: A major plus with KeepMyContact is that a computer can be used as a tool to manage the user’s database of contacts and networks. With a simple login, the subscriber is able to access their entire contact list. For example, if a KMC subscriber lost their phone or wanted to manage their address book, they could do so from their computer.

KMC is poised to radically change the way people use technology to keep their contacts up to date. Unlike other contact applications launched in the past two years, users don’t have to link their social media or email accounts to the app. There is no cost for downloading the application and implementing it. According to Founder and CEO Martin Siwy, “The only time we will charge you $0.99 is when you update your own contact information and we send the seamless and instant update to all other KeepMyContact in your address book.”

Understanding the importance of security and privacy within any cloud-based server, the team at KeepMyContact has taken great strides to ensure that its application maintains the highest level of security; users’ information remains safely guarded for their use only. Additionally, KMC has no interest in pursuing deals with advertisers or selling user information. The entire purpose of the app is to satisfy the need for a functioning address book in the virtual, cloud-based world of smartphone technology. The revenue model relies on satisfied users and is a self-funded model.

Other features:

  • Web based management console at
  • Organize by Group – Tag or filter individual contacts to organize the user’s entire KMC address book.
  • KMC Contacts filter – Easily identify contacts that are linked with the user through KMC.
  • “Recently Updated” filter – See what a contact changed recently.
  • Invite Anyone to KeepMyContact – A user can simply invite people by sending an invitation to any email address. If the invited contact is already a registered KMC user, both contacts will automatically be added to each others’ address books. For privacy control, an owner of the contact will receive a push notification about the app invite.
  • Social Media Links – KMC users can add social media links to their contact information.
  • Remote Delete – Users connected through KMC can delete themselves from other address books by deleting the connected contact.

Download the APP and give it a try (media is invited to download and try in advance of public launch):
Apple Store:
Google Store:

For up to date features visit:

About KeepMyContact
KeepMyContact (KMC) is a dynamic contact management application made for real life contact information and professional network purposes. KMC gives the contact’s owner full control over how their information appears in others digital address books. Developed by a team with a extensive understanding of network functioning within different industries, KMC draws from its wide ranging experience in fields such as marketing, sales, entertainment, technology, website development, and even the plumbing industry. The application is set to be released in June 2015 and is expected to succeed in the field of contact management. For further information regarding KMC and its developer team, please visit

For press inquiries and to schedule an interview with founder, contact: DRS and Associates, David Schlocker at david(at)drsandassociates(dot)com.

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