For Animal Lovers Everywhere, New Book Looks at the Co-Evolution of Dogs and People

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In "Humans, Dogs, and Civilization," author and linguist Dr. Elaine Ostrach Chaika uses her research and analytical skills to examine the unique relationship between humans and dogs, proving that humans couldn’t have built civilization without dogs.

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"A wonderful discussion of our civilization's history of dogs and man - told with memoir-like vignettes sandwiched with science." - Amazon Review

Author Alex Austin ("Nakamura Reality") called "Humans, Dogs, and Civilization" “an enthralling blend of science and anecdote.”

Amazon reviewers say: "What a remarkable narrative on history and evolution! It is so interesting to learn how humans and dogs shaped each other’s courses to become our modern selves. It’s no wonder that humans love our dogs so much! Clearly much research and thought went into this publication.”

“Dr. Chaika combines careful research with personal anecdotes to illustrate the symbiotic relationship between humans and dogs. This thought-provoking book skillfully argues that the origins of human civilization depended on collaboration with dogs and that humans and dogs co-evolved. It is a great book for anyone interested in dogs, history, and/or a good read.”

“This is a must-read book by a distinguished emerita faculty member at Providence College. The author spent many years researching dogs for this book. She deftly incorporates stories into the book from her own experiences over a lifetime of owning dogs. Her excellent scholarship is evident throughout the book. This book contributes greatly to the store of knowledge about dogs and civilization."

“A wonderful discussion of our civilization's history of dogs and man - told with memoir-like vignettes sandwiched with science. Also includes lovely original illustrations that capture what the author had in mind as she weaves her story through remembrances of dogs in her life. A must read!”

Its 32 illustrated chapters use cutting-edge science to prove that dogs domesticated themselves and wooed humans to partners with them. Chaika also narrates stories about the exploits of her own dogs proving that dogs can think, plot, scheme, tell time, understand human language, and have an inborn love of working for humans.

The book is part memoir, part science, and a fascinating page-turner. Kirkus Reviews called it “…persuasive and engaging ... a must read for anyone interested in the long history of dogs and people.”

This informative read dispels common misconceptions, such as showing that dogs are probably not directly descended from wolves. Moreover, the author demonstrates that early humans couldn’t have tamed wolves to be dogs. Dogs and humans co-evolved for millennia. Dogs’ brains evolved to understand whatever human language their owners spoke, a feat no other human or animal can do. In turn, human brains have shrunk by 10% as humans relied on dogs’ superior senses of hearing, vision and scent, The human brain no longer had to set aside space for acute senses. Instead, brains became fashioned for complex speech, thought, mathematics and the arts. Since large brains demand too many calories, our brains simply became more convoluted. Since dogs became companions, humans have become more intelligent. We have developed from Homo sapiens to 'Homo sapiens sapiens'.

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About the Author: This book could be called "A Linguist Looks at Dogs." Says author Elaine Ostrach Chaika, “I used linguistics to show what dogs know, how they evolved, how they differ from wolves, how dogs communicate with humans, and how they communicate with each other, what dogs know, how they perceive the world, how they domesticated themselves, how they serve humans, and, most important, how they made civilization possible. Without dogs, we’d still be nomads, following herd animals to spear them for food. Dogs also are able to detect humans’ moods. Only dogs and humans automatically veer their eyes to the left when face-to-face with another human. Looking leftwards allows one to monitor the right side of the other’s face. The right side of the human face shows emotion. That dogs know this is proof that they co-evolved with humans."

The compelling new book HUMANS, DOGS, AND CIVILIZATION is now available on all ebook platforms (ISBN: 978-148355-1180). Paperback copies (ISBN: 978-1-6319267-9-2) are on sale at and and can also be ordered from any bookstore.

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