GWTT Reaches 2-Year Milestone With No OSHA-Related Incidents

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Groundwater remediation contractors celebrate more than 730 days without an OSHA-related workplace safety incident or health hazard

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The employees at GWTT are to be commended for their active role in achieving this goal and their continued effort in creating the safety culture necessary for this occasion.

Robert Kunzel, CEO of Ground/Water Treatment & Technology, LLC (GWTT), is pleased to announce that the Wharton, NJ, based company has made it a record two years without a workplace accident. GWTT achieved this milestone on July 9, 2015, and the safety counter on the company's website currently reads 741 days and counting.

According to Kunzel, health and safety are key considerations for many of the company's clients as they seek out qualified contractors. Not only do clients need top quality remediation equipment and services, but they also require the safest contractors that they can find.

Companies that can't boast the kind of safety record that GWTT currently has, says Kunzel, aren't typically considered for remediation work. "If you're not safe, clients won't work with you," he explains, "and they won't even talk to you about the job or the cost."

In order to achieve this kind of safety record, Kunzel says, the executive management team has to be heavily involved and invested in creating a support culture for the company. That culture, however, gets dictated from the bottom up -- in other words, Kunzel notes, it starts with those who are on the ground getting that work done.

"We're very proud of our accomplishment," Kunzel comments via phone interview. "The employees at GWTT are to be commended for their active role in achieving this goal and their continued effort in creating the safety culture necessary for this occasion."

To engage workers throughout the company in this safety process, GWTT's safety director, Earl Alberti, leads the worker safety committee to help monitor this process. He states, "I am proud to coach/mentor a team of quality people. Each person puts forth a conscientious effort to do their job safely and this translates into extraordinary results for the entire company.”

Workers are able to make suggestions on how to improve things. This way, when those suggestions are implemented and reflected in GWTT's policies, workers know that it came from their peers rather than simply from management.

Training also plays a significant role in finding safer ways to do things, Kunzel says. The training program for new and existing employees is a continual process to find safer ways of doing things, and at times it can result from past experiences.

"If someone has a near accident or something that came close to being an accident," Kunzel says, "then we analyze that to figure out what the factors were, and we distribute that to the employees to learn from the experience."

By getting employees to admit to these mistakes and near accidents, GWTT is able to provide a continuing learning experience for everyone throughout the company.

That safer environment helps to prevent injuries and accidents and limit the need for hospital visits and bills. By stressing health and safety for all employees, GWTT also sees economic benefits through discounted insurance premiums.

GWTT plans to share an article about this achievement on its website and through social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

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