Ilibrium’s New Cryptocontent™ Technology Targets Digital Piracy

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Digital files distributed utilizing Cryptocontent™ cannot be duplicated - yet they can be transmitted, transferred, bought and sold as securely as digital currency itself.

ilibrium™ LLC today announced that the privately held company is in development of a fully-distributed ecosystem for managing encrypted intellectual properties (IP) over the Internet. This revolutionary technology will give producers and distributors of content a cutting-edge weapon to deploy in their war against digital piracy.

Just like vinyl records, CD’s & DVD’s, Cryptocontent™ (LC3™) files are entirely unique and can be bought, sold, traded and even lost or destroyed, but the files themselves can never be replicated in any usable way.

The LC3™ technology provides the best of both worlds for IP producers and consumers. While existing DRM technologies provide security of the channel of distribution by preventing copying, the LC3™ ecosystem ensures that every legitimate purchase creates a file that, while it cannot be duplicated or copied, it can be legitimately traded and transacted in perpetuity as a unique one-of-a-kind digital product.

Consumers, in turn, benefit from the ability to regain the type of control historically associated with tangible forms of ownership (like printed books) by being able to transfer their content between devices - or transfer the file to someone else, all the while protecting the intellectual property rights of copyright owners.

Commercial music and movie releases (and all other copyright-based digital industries) may finally be sold in digital form without fear of duplication, thus ending the era of rampant digital piracy...and ushering in a new dawn in the entertainment industries.

Says ilibrium™ CEO Graylan King: "Every producer of entertainment, whether it be movies, music, video games or any of the other mediums that are distributed digitally has been praying for a silver bullet that will finally put a stop to the wholesale robbery of their work. Our LC3™ technology is designed to make every file as unique as a dollar bill - the days of mass counterfeiting are over.”

What is LC3™
Leveraging blockchain technology, ilibrium™ has developed a fully ­distributed system for the management of encrypted digital content over the Internet - AND a new system designed to facilitate the creation, sales and delivery of encrypted intellectual properties.

Units of LC3™ (e.g. songs, albums, movies, digital art) are stashed in the software client - and once authorized, will provide throughput to third-party media players. This will allow for both playback of the encrypted media, and the development of an entire ecosystem around the creation, sale, authorization and final access of LC3™.

20th Century models safeguarding creative content haven’t been self-sustaining for some time. A new paradigm is required - and LC3™ represents the first logical step towards secure digital distribution.

Music, movies, and all forms of creative expression produced for public consumption have value. At ilibrium™ we recognize the need to help artists and their representatives protect the inherent worth of their creative content. We are providing the means to ensure security of digital transactions whenever and wherever artistic currency is bought and sold.

LC3™ may be bought, sold, traded or lost, but the files themselves can never be duplicated. LC3™ is the first truly secure means of transacting and transmitting digital content over the Internet. While allowing customers control of their own intellectual property purchases, artists will also be able to sell their digital content over the Internet, secure in the knowledge that it cannot be copied. LC3™ can also be used by government agencies to keep information secure - and corporations to protect proprietary communications and assets.

Using the platform software, units of LC3™ are authenticated against the network’s public-database (blockchain), thus providing users instantaneous and secure access to the encrypted intellectual property.

Once they’ve downloaded the platform software, musicians and independent content-developers can finally take charge of their own releases. Separate ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) hardware will be available to record labels and studios in order to manufacture the “artistic currency” in larger volumes.

Systems that enable LC3™ have been in beta development & testing since 2013. The LC3™ ecosystem is scheduled for global deployment in 2016.

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ilibrium™ is a developer of advanced cloud technology for entertainment production. ilibrium™ helps the world’s entertainment companies by providing technology solutions for entertainment production and distribution – all fueled by a deep understanding of the art, music, television and motion picture industries.

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