PATHION Announces International Licensing Opportunity for Its Advanced Electrolyte

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LiRAP™ (Lithium Rich Anti-Perovskite) has been widely recognized as the solid state nonflammable electrolyte material of choice for the next generation of high energy cells, batteries, and energy storage solutions



PATHION Inc. today announced that it is offering up to two international licenses for its LiRAP™ solid state electrolyte. When used as a binder of cathodes and as an electrolyte in lithium battery cells, this highly energetic material can double voltage - resulting in an increase of energy density by as much as four times. Because it is a solid, LiRAP directly addresses safety issues that are prevalent in Lithium Ion batteries. PATHION has acquired exclusive worldwide rights of the technology/intellectual property from Los Alamos National Security, a part of Los Alamos National Laboratories. These rights include access to the underlying research and exclusivity for commercial development, manufacture, use, and sale of the technology, as well as the right to sub-license. PATHION is offering the opportunity for up to two sub-licensees to receive similar rights and access to LiRAP.

“PATHION is offering a LiRAP licensing opportunity outside the United States to a maximum of two companies. Presently, we are engaged and in negotiation with two global battery manufacturers for such licenses. Both companies wish to utilize LiRAP technology to accelerate their commercialization of non-flammable, high energy density batteries. Alternative technologies in use today are available but are generally not scalable to achieve higher energy densities as effectively”, said Chairman and CEO, Mike Liddle. “LiRAP is patent-protected and proven to be a safe material. PATHION also has a growing number of derivative works to augment the underlying technology. The opportunity for international sub-licensing is likely to close quickly. We invite any other interested parties to contact us very soon.”

LiRAP provides improvement in energy density and power as a function of its higher ionic conductivity. The more conductive the electrolyte, the greater the number of ions that cross over to create charge. Most electrolytes in use today have an irregular atomic structure, causing ions to bounce between molecules and forcing them to slow down - resulting in lower conductivity. Prototyping of LiRAP has yielded results at (ten to the (minus two)) siemens - approximately two orders of magnitude better than today’s competing solid state electrolytes. With high ionic conductivity comes increased voltage levels across the cell’s terminals, leading to both higher power and energy. In terms of safety, LiRAP (a solid) prevents swelling, out-gassing, and the growth of dendrites between cathodes and anodes. These three conditions represent the primary root-cause failure modes of today’s liquid electrolyte-based Lithium Ion batteries. Such liquids are prone to overheating and combustion - properties that limit the use of the most promising Lithium Ion and other new battery chemistries.


PATHION Inc., is a privately held corporation existing under the laws of the state of Delaware (“PATHION”) and headquartered in Los Gatos, California. PATHION is a vertically integrated technology company whose mission is to design, develop, build and sell safe advanced energetic materials, cells, batteries and energy solutions for the commercial, industrial and government agencies. PATHION, Inc. has acquired the rights to key advanced materials developed in the process of research and development at the esteemed Los Alamos National Laboratory under a cooperative research and development agreement. Under the terms of the license agreement, the company has joint ownership of the underlying research and the exclusive rights for the commercial development, manufacture, use and sale of the technology, and advanced materials therein. The company also has received recognition from the US Department of Energy (DOE) for LiRAP, and received an ARPA-E grant from the DOE in conjunction with Los Alamos National Labs. PATHION, Inc. is thus uniquely positioned to provide critical power technology for a broad array of devices that significantly increase their power levels, energy densities, and total costs of ownership.

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