OLFC Launches Website Focusing on the Only Personal Defensive Odor Inhibitor in the World

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Nauseating, offensive and unpleasant odors adversely affect job performance, mood, human health and general well-being. NOXO Odor Defense Pro™ is the only odor defense product applied topically under the nose and changes the brain's perception of bad odors, replacing noxious smells with a pleasant vanilla scent. https://www.noxoinfo.com/odor-safety

Olfactory Biosciences Corp (OLFC) today announced the launch of a new website that focuses on the only defensive odor inhibitor in the world. The release of the new NOXO Odor Defense Pro™, a natural formulation, is a personal odor inhibitor that can be used indoors or outdoors. The noxious odors may be there, but with NOXO Odor Defense Pro™, the user will not smell them.

The new website clearly demonstrates the present use of NOXO Odor Defense Pro™ by first responders, police and firefighters as well as those involved in forensics. https://www.noxoinfo.com/odor-safety

Nauseating, offensive and unpleasant odors adversely affect job performance, mood, human health and general well-being. NOXO Odor Defense Pro™ is applied topically under the nose and the scent molecules in the gel impact the olfactory receptors of the brain producing messenger chemicals called neurotransmitters. These act on the limbic system, which regulates perception of odors and other responses in the brain. The perception of noxious and bad odors is changed to a vanilla scent.

Odors that cause migraines, gagging, vomiting and more are inhibited so that those in contact with noxious and bad odors are able to focus on the performance of their job.

No one enjoys unpleasant or nauseating odors, but these odors are an everyday challenge for many people. Some work in factories where manufacturing generates foul odors and others work in the health care industry, dentistry, and surgery, where bad odors create real problems. Infections, burns, cancer and other conditions that may be accompanied by odors that make it difficult to concentrate on the task at hand. Odor control is vital and until now attempted solutions have been few and and for the most part totally ineffective

NOXO Odor Defense Pro™ is immediately available at: https://www.noxoinfo.com/odor-safety and is supplied in an 3 oz tin containing over 100 applications for $ 49.95. It is also distributed by Disaster Response Solutions, TritechForensics, and Fisher Scientific.

About Olfactory Biosciences Corp.

Olfactory Biosciences Corp.’s NOXO division is focused on developing a variety of products that can modify behaviors such as appetite, stress, anxiety, mood, memory, smoking and sugar cravings. The company's first of eleven products to reach commercialization was NOXO’s Odor inhibitor, which has the ability to alter the brain’s ability to smell horrific odors. The odor is still there and it's not masked. The brain does not however, register its normal reaction to it. The uniquely formulated NOXO Odor Inhibitor is based on the advanced olfactory perception altering technology of all these new NOXO products.

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