Dr. K.A. Paul, Founder of Global Peace Initiative, Writes Open Letter to President Obama and Congressional Leaders Urging to End Iran Nuclear Deal

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Dr. K.A. Paul’s 10 Reasons Why Congress Must Vote Against the Iran Nuclear Deal

Dr. K.A. Paul, Founder of Global Peace Initiative (GPI), has compiled a list of 10 reasons why Congress must vote against the Iran Nuclear Deal in September or face certain nuclear war. Dr. Paul launched an international peace initiative in opposition to President Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal, Save Israel and Save the Middle East and is leading a coalition of world leaders, U.S. allies, the GCC nations and religious figures in defense of Israel against Iran’s radical and genocidal regime.

Moreover, Dr. Paul has written an open letter to President Obama and has requested the Congressional leadership to meet with him in order to discuss his dire warnings about the Iran Nuclear Deal. In his letter, Dr. Paul states, “I have been a state guest of Iran three times and have met with the leadership of the regime. Based on personal interactions, I can categorically state the Iranian regime intends to get the bomb “in order to become a regional power that can teach Israel and the U.S. a lesson.” He also asks, “Why would Obama lift sanctions on the world’s largest state sponsor of terror and not lift them as he promised for Sudan after they’ve conceded massive resources and land to the Christian South, demonstrating the path to peace?”

These are the ten reasons why Dr. Paul believes the Iran Nuclear Deal must not be approved in Congress next month:
1.    Iran cannot be trusted to keep promises based on decades of empirical evidence and past performance.
2.    Iran’s top leaders, including the Ayatollah himself, have clearly stated that they will not change their armament plans and that they have a right to such weapons.
3.    Iran has refused to agree on any of the initial “deal-breaking” demands of the U.S., including allowing U.S. inspectors in prior to ratifying the deal.
4.    Iran continues to sponsor terrorism throughout the region – and now with tens of billions of dollars in additional income thanks to this deal, their terrorist activities are guaranteed to increase 100 times over.
5.    Iran’s leaders call for death to Israel and death to America even now.
6.    Iran’s deal will allow this radical state to develop weapons like North Korea.
7.    Iran is more committed to wiping out Israel today than ever before.
8.    With the growing support of Russia and China, Iran is already preparing for World War III and believes it is the nation’s destiny to bring it about.
9.    To save Israel is to save the Middle East and to save the world.
10.    Finally, members of Congress must stop trying to appease this White House, their respective party leaders, or the international community and do the right thing.

As a passionate voice against the deal, Dr. Paul adds, “I’ve led a targeted effort against this deal around the world for the past five months. I’ve met with presidents and political leaders throughout the Middle East who are increasingly angry at President Obama for jeopardizing their region, and empowering who they consider genocidal, suicidal, hegemonic Iran with a vast newfound fortune to advance their nuclear capabilities. This is the moment to do the honorable thing and unwind this dangerous deal for the good of all humanity.”

About Global Peace Initiative: Global Peace Initiative seeks to foster world peace by empowering people worldwide to embrace their most vulnerable neighbors like widows and orphans and to change the conditions causing their suffering. GPI endeavors to resolve local and global conflict by providing direct and immediate humanitarian relief and by directly challenging world leaders to do the right thing. For more information, visit http://www.globalpeacenow.com.

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