VacuumClicka Brings Vacuum Sealing to the Masses with its Portable and Affordable Food and Travel Gadget

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VacuumClicka is quickly proving that consumers want the opportunity to vacuum seal their food. The crowdfunding project has taken off in popularity, tripling its funding goal early in the campaign.

We've created an easy to use solution that anyone can utilize to keep their food fresher, while using the bags that their food comes in, or many other bags like ziplocks.

VacuumClicka, the world's best portable vacuum sealer gadget, launched its Kickstarter last week, surpassing its goal in just two days. It is now more than 300% funded, with over $34,000 USD raised, and counting.

VacuumClicka introduces new possibilities to anyone who thinks vacuum-sealing is reserved for chefs and requires an expensive kitchen appliance. A process that was once complicated and expensive, is now simple, portable and affordable ($15 USD).

"There are so many benefits to vacuum sealing, but it's always been considered something that the experts do with expensive and complicated equipment," says Daniel Fu, co-founder of VacuumClicka. "The VacuumClicka is an easy to use solution that anyone can utilize to keep their food fresher, while using the bags that their food comes in, or many other bags like ziplocks."

VacuumClicka features a tiny handheld pump and the innovative patented ‘Clicka Seal Valve Technology' that transforms most bags into instant vacuum sealed bags - using pre-packaged bags like frozen veggies or meats, snack food bags or just regular ziplocks.

The device keeps food fresh longer, eliminates freezer burn, is great for marinating, it's microwave safe and dishwasher friendly and it helps save space in fridges, freezers and pantries - taking the air out of all food bags.

VacuumClicka is also ideal for Sous-Vide cooking, a popular foodie trend that cooks meats and vegetables with perfect consistency. Sous-Vide, French for "under vacuum", is now available for the masses.

“We want everyday people to have a chance to experience the benefits of Sous-Vide and now they can try it using a regular ziplock and our VacuumClicka,” says Rick Louie, co-founder of VacuumClicka. “Sous-Vide allows a low temperature controlled boil ensuring the inside of meat is perfectly cooked while retaining moisture and not burning the outside.”

Saving space was another big motivator for the co-founders. Both Rick and Daniel live in small downtown condos and use VacuumClickas to get more food into their condo sized fridges. They also use VacuumClicka for prepping meals in advance for the week (e.g. marinating and vacuum sealing individual frozen chicken from bulk packaging).

It's also very useful for saving space when traveling, hiking or camping. Using a larger plastic bag filled with clothes, VacuumClicka sucks out all the air shrinking everything to save tons of space, while also keeping clothes dry when camping.

VacuumClicka is available for pre-order on Kickstarter starting at $15 USD. For more information visit VacuumClicka on Kickstarter

About VacuumClicka
VacuumClicka is an ultra-portable vacuum gadget that brings the benefits of vacuum sealing to the masses. It's small, easy to use, affordable and can be used on most bags including prepackaged food bags and ziplocks. VacuumClicka is currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter. With its patented seal valve technology, users can vacuum seal anything using their own bags with just a click and a pump.

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