Following August 16 60 Minutes Report, Tamarack Technologies Stresses Proper Ventilation for a Healthier Home

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Following the recent CBS 60 Minutes report focused on the health hazards of Chinese-manufactured laminate flooring as a result of its formaldehyde content (, Tamarack Technologies CEO Tom Colasanto commented, “This is but one of many examples where toxic gases in your home can have extremely negative health implications. You may not smell them, but with today’s construction techniques of building tighter and tighter homes, these gases are a clear and present danger.”

Colasanto continued, “We routinely bring toxic products into our homes: gas and paint cans in the garage, solvents under the kitchen sink, excess moisture in our bathrooms due to improper venting, creating a perfect environment for mold. Exchanging this unhealthy air, moving it away from your family and pets is a large part of the solution. Unfortunately, most homeowners know quite a lot about the ‘Heating’ and ‘Air Conditioning” units in their home’s HVAC systems but very little about the ‘V’ or ‘Ventilation.’ After 20 + years of providing ventilation solutions to homeowners, we know there are six key areas in a home where proper airflow can mitigate both short-term and long-term health issues."

Attached garages.
If you store paint, paint thinner, gasoline or idle your car to warm it up in the winter, the minute you open the door to your attached garage, toxic fumes rush into your home. A simple garage fan – such as the Dragon from Tamarack Technologies -- that exhausts air to the outside of your home is an inexpensive, effective way to minimize the effects of these toxic fumes.

In many cases the build-up of mildew and mold in your bathroom is due to inadequate ventilation. Builders often install inexpensive bathroom fans simply to meet the minimum standards of local code requirements. By upgrading that fan and/or running it more consistently on a timer, you can take away the moisture-laden air that mold thrives on and simultaneously minimize a known health threat.

Today’s ‘super kitchens’ with oversized ranges, fry-o-lators, convection ovens, etc. are designed for maximum cooking and eating pleasure. They are dangerous mostly to your waistline. But one kitchen unit in particular represents a potential danger to your family’s health: the oversized range hood that magically removes undesirable smells from the kitchen by drawing up to 1200 cfm of foul air up and out. The danger comes from the air needed to replace or ‘make up’ the air going out. That replacement air can come from open windows or --- more likely in winter in a tightly wrapped home – from your fireplace chimney or heating system, drawing potentially deadly carbon monoxide into your home. The solution is a supply-side air replacement system that should be installed at the same time as your powerful new range hood.

Laundry room.
Your dryer can be a double-edge sword: your friend as a fast and easy way to clean linens, clothes and bed sheets but a fire hazard and outlet for allowing cold air into your home through backdrafts. The solution: the Cape backdraft damper in conjunction with existing gravity closed wall dampers already installed in most homes.

Room-to-room airflow.
To keep healthy air flowing throughout your home, return air pathways (or, RAPs) will relieve air pressure imbalances that may be stressing your home’s heating or cooling systems. When pressure imbalances are caused, for example, by improperly configured bedroom doors, your heating or cooling system needs to work harder to maintain desired temperatures. RAPs can be installed in walls or in doors quickly and inexpensively. The Perfect Balance in-door RAP, for example, can be installed at the bottom of a door by a do-it-yourselfer for around $30.00.

“As a company that has provide ventilation solutions throughout our history, we see the challenges homeowner’s face on a daily basis. We design, develop and manufacture unique products that create proper airflow in the home to produce a healthier environment. ‘Ventilation’ often takes a back seat to heating and cooling units in a home’s HVAC system. But as the CBS report revealed, getting those gasses out of your home can at least provide a safety valve for a poorly manufactured product that is a danger to your family’s health,” Colasanto concluded.

Tamarack Technologies, headquartered on Cape Cod, MA, is an industry leader in ventilation solutions, manufacturing state-of-the-art whole house fans, indoor air exchange products, pressure balancing products and electronic controls. The company’s products have been designed to use minimal energy, providing years of maintenance-free service while creating a healthier home environment.

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