New Clinical Study Confirms That One Single Session With Endymed's 3DEEP® Microneedle Applicator, The Intensif, Has Long Term Contouring And Lifting Effects In Asian Skin

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Recently released peer reviewed study published in the prestigious journal of Lasers in Surgery and Medicine uses three dimensional facial volumetric assessments to show the long term efficacy of EndyMed's 3DEEP RF technology in tightening and improving skin laxity after just one treatment.

According to Dr. Tanaka's conclusions, the Intensif applicator provides safe and effective treatment of skin tightening in Asian patients.

The prestigious journal Lasers in Surgery and Medicine has recently published a study by Yohei Tanaka, MD, of the Clinica Tanaka Plastic, Reconstructive Surgery and Anti-Aging Center in Matsumoto, Japan. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the long-term efficacy of the a microneedle radiofrequency applicator on skin tightening and rejuvenation in Asian-type skin. The devices used for this study were the Intensif Microneedle applicator and the EndyMed PRO treatment platform, by EndyMed Medical.

Dr. Yohei Tanaka's study included twenty Japanese patients, aged 31 - 80 years, who underwent full face skin tightening using the Intensif applicator by EndyMed Medical, a sharply tapered non-insulated microneedle radiofrequency applicator. All patients received one single Intensif treatment for this study. To quantify his findings, Dr. Tanaka used cutting edge 3D photography and histology to visually and objectively assess volumetric skin changes and improvements during the scope of his study. Dr. Tanaka performed monthly 3-D volumetric assessments for 6 months after treatment, which showed long-lasting and significant tightening effects in all patients after the single treatment.

Regardless of age and skin type, skin tightening is a common procedure among Asian patients seeking cosmetic procedures to improve facial contours and skin laxity. The aging process in Caucasians differs from that of Asians, who tend to experience more mid-face sagging. Therefore, skin tightening is an important aspect of managing skin aging in patients of color. Dr. Tanaka's study found significant skin tightening on the lower two-thirds of the face, as well as the cheeks, nasal and peri-oral areas of those tested. Six months after the treatment, a significant ninety percent of the study participants reported that they were satisfied to very satisfied with the treatment results. The treatments were well tolerated with minimal discomfort.        

Over the last year, microneedle RF technology has proven to be an excellent alternative to fractional laser treatments, allowing for superior results with minimal downtime and risk of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. In the first generation of insulated RF microneedle devices, the energy flows only through the tip of the needle, resulting in a small coagulated sphere-like shape in the dermis. These devices have several disadvantages, including micro-bleeding during treatment and the need to perform several passes on the skin at different depths to affect the entire the dermis.

The Intensif applicator by EndyMed Medical represents the new generation of FDA cleared microneedle RF technology. The Intensif uses a sterile treatment tip with 25 non-insulated gold plated microneedle electrodes (max diameter of 300 micron at their base gradually tapered to an extra sharp edge). Penetration depth is up to 3.5 millimeter with digitally controlled increments of 0.1 mm. Maximal power is 25 Watts with a maximal pulse duration is 200 milliseconds. The needles are inserted into the skin by a specially designed, electronically controlled, smooth motion motor that minimizes patient discomfort. When the needles reach the pre-defined insertion depth, the RF energy is emitted, selectively heating the dermis while not affecting the epidermis. The difference in electrical impedance between the epidermis (high impedance) and the dermis (low impedance) further increases selectivity and enhances RF flow through the dermis.

Dr. Tanaka concludes that treatments with the Intensif applicator and the Endymed PRO treatment platform provide long-lasting high efficacy, long term face contouring and lifting effects in Asian skin. In this study, EndyMed's non-insulated microneedle radiofrequency applicator produced minimal complications and downtime, as well as few side effects. The Intensif applicator provides safe and effective treatment of skin tightening in Asian patients.

Dr. Tanaka found the results of the study significant even though only one treatment was performed. He found this due to three specific and unique features of the test device, the Intensif applicator. First, the Intensif produced deeper skin penetration of the microneedles, up to 3.5mm relative to fractional lasers that have a typical penetration of no more than 0.7mm. Second, the tested gold plated non-insulated needles of the Intensif have a smooth insertion that is a significant advantage over first generation insulated and stainless steel needles. Third, smooth insertion of the needle by the electronically controlled motor of the EndyMed system resulted in minimal patient pain and downtime while also minimizing trauma to the epidermis and bleeding.

About Lasers in Surgery and Medicine:
Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, the Society's official journal, is the most prestigious and widely circulated peer reviewed scientific journal dedicated to basic and applied aspects of laser therapy and diagnosis. The Journal publishes clinical as well as basic science reports and is important reading for clinicians who wish to stay abreast of the most recent scientific developments in biomedical laser applications, as well as researchers investigating laser/tissue interaction, new laser techniques and/or technology.

Long-Term Three-Dimensional Volumetric Assessment of Skin Tightening Using a Sharply Tapered Non-Insulated Microneedle Radiofrequency Applicator With Novel Fractionated Pulse Mode in Asians. Yohei Tanaka, MD, PhD, Clinica Tanaka Plastic, Reconstructive Surgery and Anti-aging Center, Matsumoto, Nagano, Japan 390-0874.

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About EndyMed Medical:
EndyMed Medical Ltd., (ENDY:TASE), established in 2007, offers energy based aesthetic treatment systems for the professional markets. EndyMed's proprietary 3DEEP® radiofrequency technology is a unique solution for fractional and non-ablative wrinkle treatment, skin tightening on both the face and body, body contouring and acne scar treatment. Through the three dimensional interaction of multiple RF sources, 3DEEP® RF creates deep thermal patterns in the tissue which is a novel and effective approach to aesthetic treatments. For more information, please see our website at

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