Premium TAGSnMORE Announces Personal Name Tokens: A New Way To Remember Names With Faces

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Premium TAGSnMORE has developed a new low-cost Personal Name Token which displays Guest’s Names on a simple plastic clip-on Token that attaches firmly to ones garment like a paper clip. As no other practical “Guest Identifier” exists, this may solve the “face without name” problem for gatherings because it is easy to use.

Personal Name Tokens Eliminate Faces Without Names – A Never Ending Issue

Premium TAGSnMORE has developed a new Personal Name Token that can be worn by guests at social/cultural/business gatherings to provide ones name with their face. Having been in the “people identification” business for many decades, this new product was conceived as a small Personal Name Token that groups of people would use as a “Guest Identifier” - because it is easy and low cost. This would improve socializing and introductions at gatherings and informal events. Note that no such “display “ device exists today, and most social/cultural/business gatherings never issue any “guest identifiers”.

As a constant nuisance, people see and meet others whose face they unconsciously recognize, and yet there is no name attached to these faces. Psychologists believe the reason for this is the individual’s name must be remembered at the same time one sees their face, so ones’ brain makes a "neural linkage" between the two imprints. Many people find this issue a substantial nuisance/annoyance. Besides frustration, it may interfere with their “well being” because they keep trying to remember what the name is, and this may even fester for days. Furthermore, if this incident occurs at a networking event or meeting, the lack of a name may hinder self-introduction and conversation.

Name tags/badges were invented exactly 75 years ago. Whereas name badges have a variety of functional uses besides displaying ones’ name (admission control, business affiliation, tradeshow vendors, etc.), they clearly display the individual’s name for all to see. And this solves the “face without name” problem for such events. But people attend many social, cultural and business activities where no name tag/badge is issued. This is a particularly sensitive issue for those people who clearly remember the faces of others they have met, yet do not know their names.

This new “Guest Identifier” is a simple plastic clip-on Token that attaches firmly to ones garment like a paper clip. The clip is about 1” long with a round display area at one end, receiving a round adhesive label on which the individual’s name is either computer printed or hand written. The guest simply attaches the Personal Name Token to the front of their garment so that others can easily read their name. This Personal Token employs a newly patented paper-clip-like attachment which is "the first new clothing attachment in almost a century". Standard die cut “round” adhesive stickers can be printed on-site or preprinted for the Tokens with Microsoft Word "sticker" formats. Hence, a solution to the Faces-without-Names issue may actually exist. This concept of face identifiers for social and cultural gatherings would eliminate this long time annoyance.

Attached is a photo of the new Personal Name Token. Prototype samples from 3D printers have been made; please email haasd(at)premiumtagsnmore(dot)com for samples or comments.

Premium TAGSnMORE products are manufactured in the USA. For stock product information, visit, email info(at)premiumtagsnmore(dot)com or phone 845-533-5042; fax 845-425-8783.            

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