GN New Product: Drilling Waste Cuttings Solidification Unit

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GN Solids Control developed the new product-drilling waste cuttings solidification unit for oil and gas drilling industry. The solidification unit is used for waste cuttings environmental friendly disposal which is an economic and feasible solution to the driller.

Cuttings Solidification Unit

Solidification Unit

GN Solids Control is a specialized original equipment manufacturer who is committed to provide the drilling industry with top turnkey solution as well separate top quality machinery used for drilling fluids solids control and waste management project. In regards to the final disposal solution of the waste, as per the different regulations at drilling site area, almost all the drillers pay great effort to get a solution which would be thought both economically feasible and environmental friendly. GN’s solidification unit no doubt will bring the clients a more cost competitive method to dispose the drilling waste and make GN a more comprehensive supplier for drilling industry.

What is solidification process?
When we say the solidification process of waste, it means a production of a solids mass having sufficiently high structural integrity that the solids could be transported or disposed without requiring secondary containment. This technique is to convert the liquid and semi-liquid waste in a physical form that could be safely and conveniently stored. Besides the solidification process, it is often heard about the stabilization process. Actually, the solidification and stabilization are separate techniques, however, with same goal.The stabilization technique involves the immobilization of the harmful constituents in waste by chemical alteration. The production of this processing form the wastes to insoluble compounds or the constituents will be entrapped within the solidified products that the harmful substance will not leak into the nature.

GN Solidification Unit Working Process
GN’s solidification unit is designed to provide an effective method to process waste producing an environmentally safe and dry material that is acceptable for onsite burial, land farming or disposal at an approved waste facility.

GN’s solidification unit includes 3 parts: waste collection hopper, absorber storage tank and mixing chamber. All parts are mounted on same skid so that the whole system could be packed into a 40 feet container, thus it could be conveniently delivered continental by ocean.

1. The drilling waste collection hopper collects all the drilling cuttings & waste which will be transported to the mixing chamber by the underneath screw conveyor at a pre-set capacity.
2. Two curing agent storage boxes are separately used to store the cement and absorber. The cement storage box is keeping cement powder, through the tubular screw conveyor; powder is transferred to the mixer at a pre-set capacity. In the same way, absorber is kept in the other box, also delivered to the mixer by tubular screw conveyor.
4. Two valve controlled 1.5 inch liquid inlets are designed locating beside the mixer inlet port for feeding of water and liquid chemicals.
5. The high-shear mixer mixes all the material fed in, and push forward at the same time. When the mixture arrives to the discharge port, it is already mixed sufficiently, then discharge.

This drilling waste solidification process is conducted based on GN innovative blending technology and can be processed continually on-site. The dosing rates of the absorber, cements powder and waste could be adjusted accordingly as the control is variable frequency drive. After processed, the drilling cuttings are Eco-friendly and environmentally safe for disposal.

GN Solidification Unit Connecting with Waste Management System
In order to reduce the consumption of the solidification chemical reagent, the solidification unit is always connected with the waste management system on drilling site. Almost all the waste cuttings coming from the primary solids control system are with high content of liquid. In order to make the waste more drier, a series of waste cuttings drying equipment are adapted. The major equipment related lists as high G drying shaker, vertical cuttings dryer and waste centrifuge, plus the waste and effluence liquid transferring equipment such as hose vacuum pump, auger and intermediary catching tank. The solidification unit collects all the solid discharge from this drying equipment into the hopper and then start the solidification process.

The solidification unit provides an economic solution for final waste disposal. And at the consideration of its operation convenience, solidification unit is used widely in drilling site or waste disposal facility. According the using of different reagent of cement, lime and Pozzolanic Materials, the production of the solidification could be disposed to be construction material or for land filling or land farming.

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