NEW APPROACH for Treatment of Recurrent Hamstring Strains and Hamstring Tendinosis is Available for the First Time in NYC

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NYDNRehab clinic introduces a new approach to treatment of Recurrent Hamstring Strains and Hamstring Tendinosis.

Hamstring strain have not produced consistently successful results and include treating the localized area with stretching, soft tissue manipulation. Platelet rich plasma injections also have mixed results. Building core strength and a neutral pelvic position have shown through research to improve treatment outcomes. This localized treatment seems to address the symptoms and does offer some relief but is not a stand-alone cure. More recent treatment approaches employ more sophisticated instruments and testing to diagnose the source of the gait, pelvic, or spine dysfunction that is causing the high hamstring tendonitis. The treatment involved in restoring gait and improving running mechanics has produced promising results. This treatment strategy gets to the root cause of the problem that allows the body to heal as tissue homeostasis is improved as tissues benefit from the unloading and biomechanical correction.

NYDNRehab uses the most sophisticated Computer Assisted Rehabilitative Environment (CAREN) as a multi-sensory, multi-faceted approach to diagnosing locomotion issues. Aside from diagnosing the problem, CAREN can also be used to provide real-time feedback in therapy and pinpoint exact parameters to assist in gait modification. Different factors are measured including pressure, video, surface electromyography to determine what specific areas to target in therapy. One problem in gait that cause hamstring tendinopathy includes defective windlass mechanism in a specific phase of gait cycle due to restriction of the great toe extension. Dr. Kalika has seen very good outcomes with restoration of proper foot mechanics with regard to a hamstring injury. Another issue that causes high hamstring tendonitis is the inability to posterior pelvic tilt and activation of muscles stabilizing the pelvic ring. If the pelvis doesn’t move posterior then the hamstring cannot lengthen properly and injury results. CAREN can easily determine when muscles are being activated in the gait cycle and properly diagnose and treat these specific abnormalities for improved hamstring outcomes. NYDNRehab is the only private clinic in the United States that has CAREN and is the only outpatient clinic in NYC with full gait analysis equipment. Since poor foot and pelvic mechanics cause these two hamstring conditions, it is important to seek treatment in a facility prepared to diagnosis and treat these issues.
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