5 Essential Study Tips Every Student Needs for Academic Success but Schools Do Not Teach

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Schools don't provide students with the tools and resources they need to become effective students. Steve Klemen, author of the newly released educational reference guide, "The Cram-Free Study Method," assists students with 5 tips from his book.

A new easy-to-understand guide to help students become better and save time.

The Cram-Free Study Method: A new easy-to-understand guide to help students produce better results and save time.

"Bankers bank, Salesmen sell. Teachers teach. The job of a student is to study. When do schools teach students how to do their job?"

Every year at this time, students prepare to go back to school. Some look forward to it; others dread it. However, few are prepared to face the academic workload confronting them. They just don’t have the skills needed to do their job once school starts. Our schools haven’t prepared them since schools don’t teach students how to study.

“Bankers bank. Salesmen sell. Teachers teach. The job of a student is to study,” states author Steve Klemen. “When do schools teach students how to study? They don’t. It’s not part of the curriculum. Students are expected to somehow learn to do their job on their own with little or no assistance.”

How can students learn how to study when schools don’t teach them how to do their job? Steve Klemen provides a solution in his new book, "The Cram-Free Study Method" (CreateSpace, 2015, ISBN 9781511641128, available for $5.99 on Amazon).

Steve Klemen, aka The Unitasking Maverick, is a productivity expert cited on NBC, FOX, CBS and ABC. He is also an expert student. Using the system he developed, he increased his GPA 22% in high school and then graduated near the top of his class in college in only 3 years – while never cramming for a test.

Steve offers 5 tips to students:

1. Studying the wrong material is costly.

Students need to create a plan when they study. Most students don’t have a plan and they wind up spending excessive amounts of time reviewing material they already know. Working without a specific plan, students waste valuable time they could use for other activities.

2. Identify and isolate the material you don’t understand.

“There are 2 principles behind effective studying. First, either a student understands the material they are studying or they don’t. Second, students only need to study the material they don’t understand.” Students should identify the material they do not understand and then isolate it from everything else they are studying.

3. Students should focus their effort on material they don’t understand.

Once a student isolates the material and concepts they don’t understand, they should focus their attention on this material. Students should not worry about anything else. They aren’t going to forget the material they already know so there is no point using valuable time reviewing it as the majority of students do. To become effective, students should focus their time learning those concepts they don't understand.

4. Reviewing newly learned material is critical.

Once a student understands a new concept, they need to review it weekly. This is the only material a student should review when they study. Reviewing newly learned concepts ensures the knowledge ends up in long-term memory. Once the material is cemented in a student's long-term memory, they won’t need to review it in the future or attempt to cram it for a test.

5. Preparing for tests.

“Almost all tests students take are written. How do students prepare for them? They read, review and memorize the material they are studying. To prepare for written tests, why do students prepare by reading? Wouldn’t it make sense to practice your test the way you will be taking it?” Students should prepare for tests by practicing writing out answers.

For more tips to become a better student and minimize the amount of time spent studying, students and educators can get a copy of "The Cram-Free Study Method" online at Amazon.


About the Author:

Steve Klemen, aka The Unitasking Maverick, is a productivity expert cited on NBC, FOX, CBS and ABC. Known for his unusual approach to “time management,” Steve is the author of the educational reference book “The Cram-Free Study Method” and the upcoming book "Stop the Multitasking Madness!" Steve can be reached by e-mail at steve(at)theunitaskingmaverick(dot)com or at his home office, 952-736-3563.

About the Book:

Our educational system doesn’t teach students to study. Since schools don’t teach students how to study, where can students learn study skills? Fortunately, "The Cram-Free Study Method" solves this problem; teaching students how to study. "The Cram-Free Study Method" is available for $5.99 on Amazon.

Review Copies and Media Interviews:

For a review copy of "The Cram-Free Study Method" or an interview with Steve Klemen, please contact Steve by e-mail at steve(at)theunitaskingmaverick(dot)com. When requesting review copies, please provide the street address.

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