ZIPmagic Launches Lempel-Ziv-Simon Disk Compression, Cutting Windows 10’s Footprint in Half, with Adjustable Compression Ratios

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Brand-new Lempel-Ziv-Simon Disk Compression doubles disk storage capacity for all Windows Desktops with a one-click, driver-based, un-installable software solution.

Lempel-Ziv-Simon Disk Compression Windows 10 Infographic

Lempel-Ziv-Simon Disk Compression Infographic

LZS100 compresses virtual machine libraries at a 4.1:1 compression ratio, meaning an SSD with capacity for only 128 GB gets to store an astounding 525 GB.

ZIPmagic’s new Lempel-Ziv-Simon Disk Compression technology reduces the disk footprint of the fresh Windows 10 operating system down to 5 GB from the original 10 GB. Compression benefits also extend to all apps and data stored on disk, with similar expectations for compression of user files very reasonable.

While Lempel-Ziv-Simon Disk Compression is time intensive when first processing a disk, disk read speeds past the point of original compression are actually accelerated, even on very fast SSD hardware. Write speeds are only marginally slowed down, because Lempel-Ziv-Simon Disk Compression uses the modern parallel processing power of CPUs to minimize any possible overhead.

In exchange for this one-time trade-off, Lempel-Ziv-Simon Disk Compression compresses a clean install of Windows 10 at a 2.3:1 ratio, meaning 2.3 times the data can be stored on disk as would be otherwise possible. The compression ratio is also user adjustable (to prepare for storing highly compressible data), with Windows projecting a disk capacity and free space increase in proportion to the user selected ratio.

For example, the LZS100 algorithm designed for data disks compresses virtual machine libraries at a 4.1:1 compression ratio, meaning an SSD with capacity for only 128 GB gets to store an astounding 525 GB. Continuing the earlier Windows 10 example, which was achieved with the LZS90 algorithm designed for boot disks; a 2.3:1 compression ratio means a 128 GB SSD acts like a far more spacious 295 GB SSD!

Other algorithms included in ZIPmagic are LZS80 and LZS85, designed for runtime, live processing of Windows disks – without having to shut down or restart the operating system, or any of the applications running on the operating system. It is also possible to use LZS80 and LZS85 remotely, without physical access to a PC. This makes them ideal for use on remote, virtual or private servers.

Lempel-Ziv-Simon Disk Compression includes a one-click wizard which automatically selects the right compression algorithm to use, from amongst the four previously mentioned possibilities. The InstallAware setup wizard itself makes it a single-click to install or uninstall ZIPmagic, supporting all operating systems from Windows XP through to Windows Server 2016, whether 32 bit or 64 bit, from a single setup package.

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ZIPmagic Software is the inventor of transparent disk compression for Microsoft Windows, and the technology leader in the data compression industry. For more information, a free unrestricted 30 day trial download, OEM bundling inquiries for SSD manufacturers, fixed-storage/non-upgradeable tablets, and VPS/dedicated server bundling inquiries for web hosting companies, please visit


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