Allison Audiology Now Offering Apple iPhone Compatible Hearing Aids

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Local audiology practice in Houston, Texas is now offering powerful, smart digital hearing aids, which can connect directly to compatible Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices, acting as both an advanced hearing aid and as a pair of high definition wireless headphones.

Allison Audiology

Allison Audiology is proud to offer Houston Texas the most advanced digital hearing aids to date. Described by manufacturers as “smart hearing aids,” the devices not only supply top-quality sound amplification — they also connects wirelessly to compatible Apple iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch devices.

By linking the smart hearing aids to a mobile Apple device, the user obtains access to a wide array of features, all wirelessly delivered to the hearing aids. The user can answer calls, listen to music — even receive turn-by-turn GPS navigation — all sent straight to the hearing aids in high definition and without the presence of background noise.

In addition, the smart hearing aids can turn the compatible Apple devices into hearing aid remote controls. From the Apple device, users can modify the volume, treble, and bass of inbound sound, in addition to shifting between the environmental presets programmed by their audiologist. With maximum, easy-to-access control, hearing can be optimized in any listening environment, including crowded restaurants and loud stadiums or theaters.

For people suffering from tinnitus, a condition characterized by a continual ringing in the ears, the smart hearing aids contain built-in sound therapy solutions that can mask the ringing, offering much-needed relief. And if an individual has other sounds or music they normally use to help mask their tinnitus, those sounds and music tracks can typically be streamed as well.

While these are some of the principal features, the possibilities are limited only by the number and variety of applications users have installed on their Apple devices. Any frequently used programs can deliver high quality sound directly to the hearing aids, providing users complete flexibility in enjoying all of their preferred applications.

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About Allison Audiology

Allison Audiology has proudly been helping Houston hear for over 20 years, providing personalized services based on individual needs. As a full service audiology practice, Allison Audiology provides many services related to the evaluation, rehabilitation, and prevention of hearing loss. These services include comprehensive hearing tests, specialized diagnostic testing, and aural rehabilitation.

Jana Emola-Austin, Au.D.
Allison Audiology & Hearing Aid Center

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