DroneLaw.Pro Publishes a Whitepaper on the “Legal Use of Drones in the Real Estate Market”

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DroneLaw.Pro has recently published an industry leading Whitepaper on the use of the drones by real estate brokers, agents and photographers.

DroneLaw.Pro has recently published an industry leading Whitepaper on the use of the drones by real estate brokers, agents and photographers. The Whitepaper has been made available by going to http://www.dronelaw.pro/legal-use-of-drones-in-the-real-estate-market/.

Real estate brokers, agents, vendors and photographers can legally start using drones to take pictures of clients’ properties under the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) Section 333 exemption. This Whitepaper will help real estate professionals and photographers understand the opportunities, and limitations, of using drones for real estate marketing under Section 333.

The FAA has made it lawful to use drones for real estate photography only if you are flying under a Section 333 exemption and you obey all other FAR/ AIMS regulations. There are several reasons why real estate brokers and agents should file for a Section 333 Exemption Petition from the FAA.

  •     You can fly legally, right now.
  • Competing brokers are already flying (some legally, and many illegally).
  • Home sellers expect high-resolution photographs and videos from perspectives and angles that can only be taken by a drone.
  • Drone photography is a potential profit canter for your real estate brokerage or agency with many customers willing to pay for drone photography of their property.
  • Enjoy ROI with your own FAA Section 333 exemption.

The use of drones by real estate professionals is not going away. Approximately 20% of petitions filed under the Section 333 exemption involve a real estate use. The FAA with has already granted over 1,200 petitions for exemption, and approximately 120 or more petitions are being filed each week. It is extremely crucial for Real estate professionals to understand the rules before they fly, or even before they hire someone to fly on their behalf.

This whitepaper dicusses the following topics:

  •     What is a drone, UAV and UAS?
  •     How does the FAA regulate drones?
  •     Commercial use of drones has been unlawful under FAA rules.
  •     The FAA will allow commercial drone use on a ‘case by case’ basis.    
  •     The illegal and legal use of drones in the real estate market.
  •     You need a SECTION 333 to fly a drone for commercial purposes
  •     How to obtain a Section 333 exemption.
  •     How much does it cost to start using drones for real estate photography?
  •     Should you hire an outside vendor to take real estate photographs?    
  •     Due diligence checklist if you should hire an outside vendor to take real estate photography.

Get educated by downloading this whitepaper today from http://www.dronelaw.pro.    


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