New Approach to treatment of Hamstring Strain and Hamstring Tendinopathies

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NYDNRehab clinic introduces new Approach to treatment of Hamstring Strain and Hamstring Tendinopathies

New York Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy specializes in the treatment of running and walking disorders. Combining an array of unique technologies such as their biomechanics lab and specialized physical therapy methods, NYDNRehab allows patients to return to their favorite activities and achieve their physical health goals rapidly.

New York Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy has developed new approaches to healing chronic hamstring strain based on restoration of gait and running mechanics.

The hamstring is a group of muscles running along the posterior of the thigh, which actively flex the knee and extend the hip. The hamstring is comprised of muscles that can strain and tendons that can suffer hamstring tendinitis and tendinosis. Though the muscles are not extremely active in everyday walking or standing, they are crucial to intensive activities such as running and jumping.

A hamstrin strain occurs from sudden movements or stretches, which tear or strain the muscle belly or tendon. The injury causes a loss in the contractile capacity of the tissues, severely limiting performance. Hamstring strains often occur in athletic activities where sudden acceleration is required. A regular stretching regimen and proper warm-up greatly reduce the risk of injury. Recurrent hamstring strains will need special attention.

Hamstring tendinopathy does not involve the muscles of the hamstring as a strain does, though a hamstring strain may lead to the disorder. Tendinopathy is a group of diagnoses involving the hamstring tendon such as hamstring tendinitis, tendon degeneration, and partial tearing. The hamstring tendinopathy does not originate from acute trauma as a hamstring strain does, but develops gradually from repetitive motions such as long distance running. The disorder is characterized by pain deep within the gluteal area and radiating throughout the hamstring. Reversal of the disorder and prevention of continued occurrences may require more than simply allowing the acute pain to heal.

Inducing the tissue to heal after a hamstring strain through local therapies, alone, is often not a successful approach to reversing chronic hamstring strains and tendinopathies. Local therapies such as platelet rich plasma injections, soft tissue manipulation, stretching, and extracorporeal shock wave therapy are helpful to acute healing, but prevention requires further rehabilitation.

NYDNRehab works to address the cause of hamstring issues rather than simply treating the symptoms. Changing gait and running mechanics allows tissues to heal by changing the strain load. This always leads to permanent improvement rather than compensation or a quick fix. One such new approach, which is used by NYDNRehab, is based on manipulation of spatiotemporal parameters and foot mechanics. Integrating information from the newest software of pressure analysis, video gait analysis and surface electromyography allows Dr. Kalika to time the muscle activations during each phase of the gait cycle. Restoring the foot mechanics through this process greatly reduces chronic hamstring issues.

Due to a limitation of gait extension, disengagement of the windlass mechanism of the hamstring, during a shifting movement in the gait, is a common culprit of a chronic hamstring injury. The alteration of an athlete’s gait, as discovered through pressure analysis, allows greater extension, putting an end to the chronic occurrences.

Another biomechanical event - the leaning backward of the trunk during walking or running - is easily discovered by the team at NYDNRehab through their technological advancements. The learning of the trunk causes premature activation of the hamstring and often leads to overuse of the muscle. This overuse can, not only, cause pain and discomfort, but it can lead to serious and chronic injury. With their technological capabilities, this otherwise unnoticeable tendency is easily detected and corrected.

New York Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy is the only private clinic in the United States with CAREN (Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment), and the only outpatient provider in New York with real gait analysis equipment. NYDNRehab incorporates the leading technologies to transform improper biomechanics, which consistently lead to injury and poor performance. Combining the new methods with traditional approaches to physical rehabilitation has successfully ended pain from injury and stopped recurring issues.

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