NYDNRehab anounces a release of new gait analysis software

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NYDNRehab clinic anounces a release of new gait analysis software in NYC

New York Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy is incorporating the Zebris instrumented treadmill into its new approach to heel pain treatment.

NYDNRehab combines a unique array of technologies in the treatment of various walking and running disorders. Their biomechanics lab and specialized physical therapy methods allow patients to achieve full recovery from various types of heel pain and foot pain, and return to normal activities quickly.

New gait analysis software in their Zebris instrumented treadmill enables Dr. Kalika to perform pressure analysis while walking or running to determine the cause of foot pain. Treating foot pain and heel pain based on gait restoration and the mechanics of running and walking, the professional team at New York Dynamic Neuromuscular Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy is transforming the way patients heal.

Rather than simply treating the symptoms, NYDNRehab works to address the causes of various types of heel pain. By changing gait and running mechanics, the strain placed on individual muscles is altered and corrected, allowing the damaged tissues to heal and stay healthy. Achieving permanent improvement rather than merely treating the symptoms is always the goal.

One of the new approaches, which NYDNRehab uses, manipulates the foot mechanics and spatiotemporal parameters by analyzing ground force pressures as detected in the Zebris instrumented treadmill. Integrating information from the newest software of CAREN (Computer Assisted Rehabilitation Environment), video gait analysis, pressure analysis, and surface EMG allows the team of practitioners at NYDNRehab to time the activations of each muscle during phases of the gait cycle.

Determining the root problem, this process greatly reduces chronic heel and ankle issues by restoring the foot mechanics. CAREN is unique for diagnosing the causes of ankle and foot pain, due to its ability to recognize and correct asymmetries in weight bearing distribution, as well as register and retrain excessive ground force reactions of the foot. CAREN is also the most advanced technology for restoring balance, a significant and constant factor for patients suffering from foot and ankle pain.

The new pressure software allows the treatment team to visualize each cycle of the gait, and discern the excessive ground reaction forces acting on the foot. The information gathered by the new software allows synchronization from pressure analysis, force analysis, and surface EMG. This improved analysis allows the information gathered to be used in a new context, allowing the interpreter to see how forces and muscles interact when the foot hits the ground. Within the context of movement therapy, the correction of foot dysfunction or deformity becomes dynamic. The results are superior to foot orthotics and conventional physical therapy.

Additionally, NYNDRehab uses extracorporeal shockwave therapy for heel pain treatment. Shockwave therapy for heel pain treatment and plantar fasciitis treatment significantly reduces discomfort for most patients. By breaking up calcium deposits, which irritate the soft tissues of the foot, ESWT provides rapid and effective relief from pain.

A condition causing pain for many people, plantar fasciitis is a major contributor to heel and foot pain. Though often aggravated from long periods of walking or standing, the condition can occur without these activities. Plantar fasciitis develops when the tendon running through the arch of the foot becomes inflamed, causing soreness from the heel to the ball of the foot. ESWT reduces the inflammation and pain by strengthening the connective tissues in the foot.

The comprehensive approach to treating foot pain also includes the tried and true principles of manual and exercise therapy. All told, the treatments work to regenerate tissues damaged by overuse and faulty mechanics.

NYDNRehab has been a leader in providing foot and ankle care in New York City for over ten years. Their comprehensive approach has become the hallmark of interdisciplinary care. Diagnosing and treating walking disorders such as foot and ankle dysfunction, heel and knee issues, as well as hip and low back pain has always been the specialty of the clinic.

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