Advice for a Turbulent Market From Aura Wealth Advisors; Bert Doerhoff CPA Responds to Recent U.S. News & World Report Article

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Bert Doerhoff, CPA, of Aura Wealth Advisors, is addressing the feeling of panic that may affect investors following a recent period of volatility in the market. Recent media articles, such as the U.S. News & World Report article from August 24 titled “What Financial Advisors Are Telling Investors About the Market's Meltdown” have also prompted Doerhoff to respond to troubled investors.

While phone calls from concerned investors naturally roll in to investment advisors during a turbulent market week, Bert Doerhoff has always been careful to encourage his clients to take a long-term view of investing, whether in a bear or bull market. Advisors are in agreement that investors shouldn't panic. He shares this insight now to encourage all investors to take a long-term view.

“Last week’s events do not signify a catastrophe,” says Doerhoff. “It’s a correction, and it’s a normal event in a healthy market. We understand that some investors watching the value of their portfolio shrink may have experienced a slight feeling of panic, but our clients are experienced at balancing their portfolios and not reacting too strongly to a market downturn, even if it continues for a week or a month. We are looking long-term at how the markets perform over time.”

Last week saw the worst performance for Wall Street in four years, with the Dow losing ten percent of its value and the S&P 500 slipping below the 2,000 mark.

However, research from Vanguard suggests that a consistently solid investment is in a financial advisor. While it can be difficult to quantify the value of an investment in a professional advisor, the effect is similar to that of utilizing a professional home construction team, or even paying to have a tax return completed. The peace of mind and the trust in an expert’s guidance are valuable.

The investment in a financial advisor may not fit a simple return on investment model, but the guidance of a qualified investment expert encourages investors to maintain a long-term vision for growing wealth.

“We work with our clients to develop a balanced portfolio that performs very well over time, but that also matches their comfort level with regard to risk. If you can’t sleep at night, worrying over what the Dow is doing, we need to talk about your portfolio,” says Doerhoff. “In light of recent media coverage regarding volatile markets, investors’ peace of mind continues to rise as a top priority.”

About Bert Doerhoff:

Bert Doerhoff CPA, the founder of Aura Wealth Advisors, is a fee based investment advisor who works with families and small business owners to help them protect and grow wealth for life. He designs comprehensive tailored investment solutions with strategic defensive investment approaches that retain growth potential. Guided by fiduciary standards, he works with clients to build a legacy and deliver ever increasing cash flow in retirement that will protect their lifestyle from the effects of inflation. Contact Bert Doerhoff, CPA, by email at bdcpa(at)AccuBiz(dot)net; by phone at (573) 634-4006; or learn more at

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