High Profile Chewing Gum Expanding Market Reach into United States

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Effectve Set To Change Domestic Nutritional Market

Effectve, a division of Baseline Nutritionals, was founded in 2011 to develop and market a line of natural, nutraceutical products that rapidly and effectively enhance your frame of mind. 8-12Hz™, a neural gum, is its first invention. 8-12Hz™ is a comprehensive supplement in gum form that is designed to take the edge off by supporting the increased production of alpha waves in your brain.

“We are excited for the opportunity to expand our products, especially the Effectve 8-12Hz™ Neural Gum, throughout the United States and to increase the scope of our company,” said CEO Jon Barron. “Effectve’s first neural gum, 8-12Hz™, is designed to create a state of “relaxed alertness” and to put you “in the zone.” Other neural products, equally exciting and equally effective, are in the pipeline. “We designed Effectve’s 8-12Hz™ neural gum not to be just another pretty flavor but to change your state of mind.” A lot of people will have plenty of use for the 8-12Hz™Neural Gum.

The 8-12Hz™ Neural Gum has two primary effects. It reduces stress levels, which makes it valuable for anyone who feels large amounts of tension, and increases production of alpha waves in the brain, which makes it valuable for anyone looking to get in the zone to improve performance. The neural gum is a supplement. Its effect can be felt in less than 10 minutes of chewing it while lasting for hours. The product contains no stimulants and instantaneously boosts your immune system. The 8-12Hz™ neural gum contains a special proprietary blend that contains L-theanine and KSM-66 Ashwagandha root which makes the gum different from any other kind of gum on the market. All in all, 8-12Hz™ Neural gum is unique and exclusive.

“Our strong track record for success should encourage a lot of new people in the United States to give the 8-12Hz™ neural gum a try, and once they have, they’ll never want to chew anything else, said Barron. “ We want people to think of improving their performance and alleviating their nervous tension when thinking of using the 8-12Hz™ Neural Gum. The 8-12Hz™ Neural Gum is a high end nutraceutical supplement created to boost ones immune system and help individuals relax, focus and win.

For more information about Effectve and its neural gum, visit its website at http://www.effectve.com

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