Dr. Barbara Marino Brings Prana Essentials Nutraceuticals To MedSpa21 Houston

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“We’re offering our patients wellness and nutrition assessment and monitoring where it belongs: with the expertise and personal connection of your physician,” says Dr. Marino. “With the Prana Essentials Expert System at Medpa21 in Houston we can provide informed nutritional recommendations based on each patient’s health history, daily food intake and baseline activity routines.”

Wellness and nutrition are an essential part of patient care and a natural extension of our patient services at MedSpa 21 in Houston.

“Wellness and nutrition are an essential part of patient care and a natural extension of a physician’s practice,” says Dr. Barbara Marino who now offers Prana Essentials nutraceutical services at MedSpa 21 in Houston. http://www.MedSpa21.com

According to a survey published in July 2015 in Nutraceutical News, 87% of American adults are taking nutraceuticals to fill nutrient gaps in their diets and most of these people are obtaining their nutraceuticals through retailers or other sources rather than under the supervision of a physician. This contrasts with the 82% of survey respondents who think that MDs should be consulted on the use of nutraceuticals. Link to survey information: http://www.nutraceuticalsworld.com/issues/2015-09/view_breaking-news/survey-shows-consumers-understand-supplements-fill-nutrient-gaps/

“I introduced Prana into my practice to provide long term weight management support for my patients by making healthier food choices and taking nutraceuticals, where needed, to make sure they get the right amount of nutrients, specific to the individual, at the right time. A healthy lifestyle has proven to be more effective than specific diets in sustainable weight management.” says Dr. Marino. "My practice is placing an increased emphasis on prevention rather than intervention and the benefits of Prana Essentials is consistent with this trend in healthcare."

Dr. Marino is on the leading edge of a movement pioneered by Prana Essentials to provide wellness and nutritional planning through medical practices. The assessment also takes into account prescription medication interactions and dietary preferences. The Prana system stores individual profiles for follow-up re-evaluations to track progress and make any desired or necessary adjustments to personal recommendations.

Patients are assigned a certified dietitian to provide an initial assessment. These patients benefit from a science based personalized nutritional expert system supported by published, peer-reviewed and carefully screened research. “We provide our patients with personalized recommendations to address their specific needs rather than recommending expensive general branded formulations,” says Dr. Marino.

“Our Nutritional Expert System conducts online assessment and monitoring that can ask over 100 targeted questions about a patient that is run through databases containing information on thousands of food items, hundreds of health conditions, databases of nutraceuticals and published clinical studies,” says Dr. Marino. “The patient’s medical conditions, any medications and lab results are run against these databases to determine each patient’s nutritional requirements at an ingredient level to prescribe the best combination of multi-vitamins, multi-minerals, probiotics and herbals.”

“The Nutraceutical News survey also found that 93% of physicians surveyed agree that nutrition and nutraceuticals belong in patient care,” says Dr. Marino. ‘With Prana Essentials we’re in the forefront of delivering these services to our patients for a nutritional program that is fully integrated with each patient’s overall healthcare needs.”

For more information contact MedSpa21 at 281-364-6614 and visit the website: http://www.medspa21.com

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